Still Waiting for that Hitchens/Dawkins/Harris-Inspired Wave…

…of New Atheist Charities to start up:

The question is not whether the Church will survive persecution by the Left in the US. The question is whether the US will survive. One of the many ways in which the Left expresses the suicidal death wish of the culture of death is by smashing charities, run for love, and replacing them by bureacracies run for power and money. Guaranteed to make our civilization overheat and burn to the ground.

Atheists and secularists are good at bitching about religion. Not so hot at actually organizing charitable works. That would cost money and effort. Why bother when the weak are at the short end of the Darwinian stick? Especially since so many of the weak are–ewww!–religious? Better to weed out the unfit than engage in pointless efforts are “redemption”.

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