Today’s Science Creepiness

This is the sort of thing that makes me want to move to a third world country and get off the grid completely. The welding of the commerce state and the police state into an unblinkking Lidless Eye of commercialism and all-seeing tyranny seems to be proceeding apace–and offering terrific deals on smartphones to keep you entertained with little gadgets as you are enslaved. Ick.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    I agree, this is creepy. And… shops that are really “on the ball” have staff that are actually able to recognize regular customers, there is no need for electronic records. For example, my secret for being particularly well treated in a restaurant: I smile to the staff, say “thank you”, ask about the health or the family of those I already know, give good tips (it’s often their main income); in other words, treat everyone as real people deserving my respect… This has always seemed normal to me, but a restaurant owner who became a friend surprised me one day by telling me in one of our conversations that seeing me come in with a smile and a “hello” makes all the members of her staff happy!

    • shops that are really “on the ball” have staff that are actually able to recognize regular customers, there is no need for electronic records

      But cameras are cheaper, never need maternity leave, and don’t ever, ever ask why they’re working so many hours but haven’t gotten a raise in three years.

  • SecretAgentMan

    Oh stop whining. By the way, how’d you like that new brand of toilet paper? The last time you tried it was 5/12/12 at 10:34:42. Have your preferences changed? We value your input and would like you to take this brief survey so we can serve you better. To continue in English, press 1 now.

    • Scott W.

      We’ve analyzed your deposit and have determined you may be lacking in fiber. Try Metamucil!

      • Scott W.

        Also, we’ve detected opium. Did you have a meal with poppy-seeds? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2 and a please remain where you are.

        I could go all day with this , but I won’t. 🙂

  • The solution to this is to keep changing your profile pic. Currently, mine is a picture of my baby with her finger up her nose. She never digs, she just puts it up there- I guess to keep it warm

    • Rebekka

      Ah, yes, the epiphany that your finger is the perfect shape and size for your own nostril and will stay that way for the rest of your life. A classic milestone in human development.

    • Rachel K

      My dad got my son a great book about the parts of his body in German. The verse for fingers:

      “Mit den Fingern kann ich boren
      In die Nase, in den Ohren.”

      (With my fingers, I can bore into my nose and ears!)

  • bob

    Maybe the burkha is a good idea after all, for everyone.

  • Ted Seeber

    Way back in the 1990s I heard a comedy song that basically told people to lie to big businesses about who they were. “K-Mart thinks I’m a 65 year old pensioner. And Wal-Mart thinks I’m a 25 year old lesbian named Ben”.

    It occurs to me with the number of photos that people tag me in just to make sure I see the photo, that I am actually NOT IN, Facebook has no clue what I look like.

  • Observer

    Greater regulations are needed when you have newer and more precision based technologies.

    Officers want camera’s to do their work and have easy enforcement of law without limits to procedure or due process of law.

    No body realizes technology, as we’ve not seen flying cars since the one’s on the roads don’t operate any better than they have in the past over-all, can malfunction and have errors.

    For instance (hypothetical, and in practice a theory), an officer will swear by testimony the camera sited a person’s car parked in a handicap parking spot without a placard. However, the camera took a picture which didn’t last a few seconds. Because, the person simply drove into the spot to let his expectant wife get out of the car at a place closer to the store (because he didn’t want to obstruct parking lot traffic and his wife was expecting) and began to drive away. However, the camera only took a picture when a sensor detected the car had only entered into the space no longer than 20 seconds. Therefore, because there wasn’t greater restrictions upon technology when enforcing the law, the officer had made an error.