Vladimir Putin…

humble public servant. Should he become the spokesman for DirectTV?

"Truly brilliant clip."

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  • I like him – but only because he is so hated by the neo-cons and it’s hard to resist the base pull of the enemy of my enemy…and I think he enjoys his role of driving the rulers of the empire into fits of ranting – which makes him fun. But is he good? Well he heads a nation whose official church is Orthodoxy…while we live in a nation that hates its founding faith… I’ll hold my criticism of Putin (even when he may deserve it); his haters don’t need my help and I’m not inclined to help them.

  • I love Russian accent.

  • Tim in Cleveland

    If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where fashion sits…


  • Russia is Russia. It has *always* for its entire history, been ruled by strongmen. The Church was little sooner established there (AD 988) then it was severed from the universal Church and subdued by the State (AD 1054, kind of arbitrarily picked). In consequence, the Church never had the opportunity to do what it did throughout the West: instill a sense of human equality, rule of law rather than persons, fertilize the seeds of democracy organic to human nature, and most importantly, it never had the ability to assert itself in the face of the State and thereby limit it.

    We in the West have succeeded in teaching the non-democratic world to use labels like Prime Minister, but outside of the world where Christ’s Church has ruled men’s hearts, there is no democracy, no equality of persons before the law, and no limits to government.

    Russia is Russia. It has *always* for its entire history, been ruled by strongmen. To expect anything else is to live in a fantasy.

  • Ron

    No fair. Tim stole my line!! 😀

  • DTMcCameron

    I kind of have to admire any tyrant so blatantly enjoying the, ah, fringe benefits of power. What’s the point of losing your soul, gaining the world, and not even enjoying it?

    Tim, that’s…gonna be quite an earworm to excise.

    • Mike Walsh

      It’s like I always say: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely, or what’s the point?” I really miss KaDaffy.

  • Hopelessly in the Tank

    Mmm, I like this blind faith in AP and Reuters reporting. They are totally trustworthy, especially when it comes to international affairs as they impact Obama. Mark, as one that frequently warns your readership not to be easily duped, perhaps it would be wise to take your own advice? Besides that he doesn’t tolerate the sodomite agenda, and is working to limit abortions, why would the pro-Obama media possibly be opposed to Putin?

  • John

    I’m not sure I trust his opposition to accurately characterize him. I’m sure he’s a bad guy but leaders who are not bad are pretty thin on the ground these days.

    I do wish that we had leaders in this country who loved America as much as he seems to love Russia.

  • Blog Goliard

    Putin is a former KGB officer who views the collapse of the Soviet Union as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century. His relationship with the Orthodox establishment is a straight continuation of the Soviet strategy of collaboration and co-optation (the present patriarch, Kirill, is another in a long line of KGB/FSB agents to occupy that post). He’s a strongman and thug who isn’t above killing his own people to help stoke near-genocidal wars in the Caucasus. His administration is a friend and supporter of almost every wicked and destructive tyrant on the planet.

    But yeah…he must be a good guy. Because the “neo-cons” and the media don’t like him. And yeah, he’s obviously made himself dictator-for-life, continually stomping on elemental democratic freedoms, because he just loves Russia that much.

  • It is difficult to know if a foreign leader is good or bad – because each of us has a unique POV, moral standard, and hope for the future. But a safe bet is to ask this – how does our ruling class (you know the folks who’ve led us into war, debt, division, tyranny, dying churches, etc.) feel about this person?

    Then think the opposite – you’ll have a reasonable chance of being right.

    • Blog Goliard

      Or, y’know, you could try to become informed on the matter.

      Your choice.

      • And when you know what is good for the empire – you’ll know what is not good for the American middle class.