Zero Tolerance Policies Are For Lazy Stupid People Who Refuse to Think

Three year old deaf boy named “Hunter” pressured by school to change the sign for his name because it looks too much like a gun.

I think somebody should pressure the school to change its name to “lunatic asylum”, “prison” or “re-education camp” because it certainly doesn’t look like a school. At schools, people are taught to think. This is not thought. This is mindless bureaucratic CYA.

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  • dan tracy

    Dear school, please meet ADA lawsuit?

    • Amy P.

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. This, in my mind, is no different than saying a blind person can’t use his cane because it *could* be used as a weapon (why, it kinda even looks like a sword or gun if you hold it the right way!) or denying someone the use of a walker or wheelchair due to “zero tolerance” B.S.-ery. “Zero intelligence,” more like. This is like saying the deaf can’t use Sign Language because it could be misinterpreted as gang signs (and I recall reading a story once about deaf people who were shot after some thugs interpreted ASL as gang signs).

      I smell an ADA lawsuit. BIG. TIME.

      And then Hunter’s parents can afford to send him to a private school wherein such nonsense is not allowed, or tolerated.

  • Scott W.

    He should change is sign name to a middle finger.

    • Dr. Eric

      You posted it before I could.

  • Marty Helgesen

    Another case of people demonstrating that Zero Tolerance means Zero Intelligence.

  • Pansy Moss

    “He should change is sign name to a middle finger.”