54% of Catholic Voters to Obama:

“Go ahead and feel free to take my conscience away from me since I’m not using it anyway.”

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  • J-Jay

    Sadly I’m not surprised by this. I know a lot of Catholics, including some in my own family, who are fully behind Obama. At least part of this is due to poor formation in the faith. When I engage them in dialogue and ask how they could support Obama when he’s in favor of abortion, gay marriage, etc. – and when he’s oppressing Catholic freedom of religion with the HHS mandate – the reply I usually get is that he’s more compassionate, and Obamacare is more important that any “inconvenience” to the Church. Regarding Obamacare, a Catholic family member recently told me, “30 million uninsured people is just too much collateral damage for me.”

    • Blog Goliard

      It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to be credited with “compassion”, despite the fact that one is a cold fish with a grasping wife (Obama), a monstrously selfish serial abuser of women (Clinton), or uninclined to lift a finger to save an actual drowning woman that he drove into the water (Kennedy)…so long as one is sufficiently free-spending with other people’s money (and self-congratulatory about doing so).

      Extra bonus points are awarded for building this “compassionate” reputation by spending recklessly on programs that actually–due to consequences either intended or unintended–make the lives of many poor more miserable (when they’re not terminated) in the end.

  • The Deuce

    The one benefit to external persecution of the Church is that the 54%+ who are phonies will leave and stop tearing it apart from the inside.

    • ivan_the_mad

      Then the Church will belong to the pure and unsullied who only think as God does and never as man does!

      • The Deuce

        It seems to me that there’s a middle ground between total perfection and participating in war on your own church that can be reasonably expected of anyone professing faith in that church.

        • ivan_the_mad

          I’m more concerned with counting people leaving the Church as a benefit, or considering 54%+ of the Church in this country as phonies.

          • Blog Goliard

            Heck, some days I’m as much of a phony as anybody.

            It’s 11:00 in the east…go ahead, ask me if I’ve managed to say my morning prayers yet.

            • ivan_the_mad

              That’s it! Out the door you go! benefits++

    • Texas Catholic

      You’re assuming those 54% are in the Church now – I’d be curious to know how many of them have gone to mass in the last year. Evidently there’s a “Catholic gene” out there that makes you Catholic regardless of whether you believe anything the Church teaches. And yes, Mark, I know, there’s a strong argument that it’s actually a thing called Baptism . . .

      • The Deuce

        The Catholic Church recognizes most Protestant and other denominational baptisms as valid though, so that only marks someone as Catholic in the broadest possible usage of the term.

    • Brian Q

      If the Church was supposed to be full of perfect people, the Apostles never would have gotten the whole thing off the ground to start with…

  • Only about a third (at most) of Catholics attend Mass weekly. The survey states that Romney is substantially ahead (51-42%) among Catholics who attend Mass at least weekly, but Obama is ahead 61-32% among those who “seldom” or “never” attend Mass. The most disturbing thing to me is that 42% of Catholics who attend Mass weekly are planning to vote for Obama.

    • Will

      The most disturbing thing to me is that only about a third of Catholics attend Mass weekly.

      • Yeah, that too…. 🙁

  • Joseph

    It’s even more disturbing that 93% of Catholics who attend Mass weekly are going to vote for either Robama or Obomney.

    • There is no end of disturbing things, but if I could say just one thing to the 10 million plus American Catholics who apparently attend Mass weekly and are also planning to vote for Romney (or at least not for Obama), I would say: PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY!!!

      If we could get that 15-20% of Catholics to pray the Rosary every day, with one of the intentions being our country’s conversion and well-being, our country would change quickly. It’s that simple.

      The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times. ~ St. Padre Pio

      “There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.” ~ Sister Lucia, Fatima Seer

      “One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.” ~ St. Dominic

    • Mark

      The Catholic Church has allowed its “brand” to be tarnished by those who walk around using the name Catholic who do not know and certainly do not understand the actual teaching of the Catholic Church with their mouth constantly in motion. Of course the bishops responsible for protecting the Catholic Church teaching also allowed it to be tarnished by looking the other way when gays were dominating the seminaries and liberals in charge were chasing away anyone who knew the actual teaching and took it seriously. The attack on young men was almost certain to follow. Just finished an excellent book “Rediscover Catholicism” by Matthew Kelly which I would recommend to everyone who cares about the Catholic Church.
      We have nuns running around in open dissent and of course many katholics in the media eager to distort Church teaching. This election will result in either Romney or Obama in the white house for the next four years. That is the only choice you have to make. Obama, the PARTNER OF THE ABORTION MILLS according to their own website and the candidate they are pumping bloody abortion money into the campaign to keep the knives sharp to kill millions more under his watch OR Romney who has pledged to put justices on the court to overturn Roe and who says he is pro life. Obama who now completely supports the destruction of the family with his gay marriage support or Romney who is pledged against this move and very supportive of family issues. Since the Pope listed these two items as ones that Catholics MUST look at as non negotiable, it seems that there is no real choice in this election for those who actualy are Catholic.

  • Irenist

    Very few Christians of any denomination in the contemporary West take their faith very seriously, or know very much about it. This leads Catholics, e.g., to vote, contracept, divorce, etc., in much the way that any other Americans would: there is *nothing* “countercultural” about most contemporary Catholicism because the days of the thick cultural web of the ethnic Catholic ghetto when Catholicism could be learned in part by osmosis are long gone, and no way to effectively catechize or enliven the faith of atomized assimilated American individuals has yet been found.
    I am beginning to fear that until we address this, all our inside-St. Blog’s squabbling about whether to vote for, e.g., Mitt Romney or Joe Schriner is a pernicious distraction, akin to the “Christianity AND vegetarianism” in the Screwtape Letters. Consider this, fellow Catholic political obsessives: Successful third parties and movements within established parties do not start by running for the Presidency. The non-flash in the pan ones start by running for local school board, or whatever. The Catholic application of this insight is that we need better Christians in better parishes before we have the sort of disciplined disciples of Christ countercultural enough to even *form the idea* of taking a battle to the culture, much less winning it. In brief, my advice is to skip the election news today and go read Sherry’s Weddell’s far more important than the election news “Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus” or something like it ASAP. I will most likely now return to my regularly scheduled paying too much attention to politics. But I do think all us Shea regulars need to at lest consider that we’re overdoing it.

    • Yep! +9999999999999 to this! (and pray the Rosary!)

      • Irenist

        (and pray the Rosary!)
        Ah. Good call!

  • My fear was that Obama would do an “October Surprise” and announce at the last minute that he has reconsidered and the mandate against the Catholics in the HHS mandate would be revoked… eventually. This would be enough to make a Catholic stampede in his favor and guarantee his re-election (and reversal of that promise).

    Looks like I was just too pessimistic. The stampede is happening without any such promise, false or true. To such Catholics I have to say… Bed. Made.

  • Joe

    This is amazing. Only a month ago, you wrote a blog entry about how only 27% of Catholic supported Obama! He actually doubled that number in a month?!

  • sean campbell

    The internals of the pew research poll indicate that Catholics support the president because they favor his postions on the issues they care about the most. While Catholics care about the mandate, it isn’t a priority like other issues. The bishops “Fortnight of Freedom” didn’t move any number and neither did the Paul Ryan selection either.