Another astonishing and unforeseen development!

“Polyfaithful” civil union.

The Civilization Where Consent is the Sole Criterion of the Good enters yet another “What Could It Hurt?” Phase of History.

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  • Irenist

    Someone is going to mention the Old Testament patriarchs without knowing enough history to understand that
    a) Abraham, e.g., was married to Sarah and arguably Hagar (well Hagar was his maidservant, so maybe there was no marriage at all there, but it gives us names for the example), but neither Sarah nor Hagar was “married” to the other woman.
    b) New Testament Christianity doesn’t approve of Old Testament polygamy anyway.

    • Mark Shea

      Technically, *New Testament* Christianity is silent on polygamy (a fact noted by Luther and John Milton when they argued that polygamy should be lawful). It is Scripture read in light of apostolic Tradition that yeilds a monogamous view of Christian marriage.

      • Irenist

        So Evangelical opponents of polygamy are living off borrowed Tradition, then? What a delightful factoid! Sometimes being wrong (as I was above) is surprisingly fun.

        • Mark Shea

 (from my By What Authority?).

          • Irenist

            Thanks, Mark! Oh man, oh man, do I wish more of your books were available in Kindle editions!

            • 2nd this but for Nook.

      • Will

        Does St. Paul’s injunction of monogamy for bishops, then, speak nothing on recommended conduct for other orders and laity?

        • Mark Shea

          I wouldn’t say “nothing”. But on the basis of the text alone, there’s certainly no grounds for supposing polygamy to be sinful or monogamy *required* for the non-ordained.

  • JB

    Mark deleted my prior comment, for reasons which I can understand.
    But how about this one? “Jesus said, my wife…is a figment of your imagination.”

  • Ted Seeber

    Next up, Marriage Licenses as a web form with a “add participant” button represented by a linked list in a database.

    • DTMcCameron

      Next thing you know, there’ll be the “Civil Union of People Opposed to Being Unwilling Added to Civil Unions.”

      It’s kind of a grand thing, after a while.

  • Will

    I am tired of seeing my polygamous friends treated as SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS.

    • ivan_the_mad

      Then tell them not to have a SECOND spouse wakka wakka! 😉

      • Will

        You cwacked-up cweep!