Another Book Out the Door!

Actually, this is an oldie but goodie.  By What Authority? has been picked up by Ignatius Press and has just been revised and expanded by Yr. Obdt. Svt.  Dunno when it will be published, but I do know that when it is, it will be shiny bright with all the old content, plus some tweaky corrections, plus a lot of good new stuff for your reading pleasure.  As soon as it’s out I will let you know!  Meanwhile, permit me to breathe a sigh of relief.  I’ve written a ton of stuff this summer, plus done an absurd amount of travel *and* married a son off.  I need a drink!

Oh!  And more good news!  Looks like I have found a publisher for Mary, Mother of the Son (which went out of print earlier this year).  It’s not a sealed deal yet, but it looks super promising.  The goal is to edit the trilogy back into a single volume.  I’m also hoping to get both BWA and MMOTS out on Kindle and Nook and maybe even do an audio version.  Your prayers that these books get as wide a distribution as possible would be appreciated.

Next up: more writing and travel and scrambling to make ends meet!  You can help that last part by tossing a few shekels in the Tin Cup if you like what I do here.  We surely do appreciate it if you could.  This is a tight month due to the financial dryness of summer, marriages, and quarterly taxes.  God bless you if you can help.  And if you can’t, God bless you more and I hope you are flush with cash soon.  I know times are tough.

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  • Congratulation! I attribute my conversation to Catholicism to BWA – well, that and the Holy Spirit. I look forward to reading MMOTS?

  • We entered your needs into our family prayer book.

  • rakowskidp

    Congratulations, Mark! I’m looking forward to reading both BWA (and Laura, I read it durning my conversion process as well) and MMOTS on my Kindle (and I’d love to see a Kindle edition of Making Senses Out of Scripture, too). I’ll go through my budget and try to find a few bucks for you, too.

  • Thinkling

    A plug for MMotS. As a Christmas gift from Mother Of My Son, it has been a great tool for my Marian understanding as well as catalyzed my devotion noticably from its previously tepid state.

    “Supernature abhors a vacuum”

    As exasperating reading you can occasionally be, it is -always- a treat. This quote from MMotS still makes me smile months later. Congrats and continued successful evangelizing.

  • Mary, Mother of the Son is a fantastic series. I am surprised it went out of print with your previous publisher. I recommend them to anyone who wants to gain an understaning into Catholic devotion to Our Lady. I also use them in my high school apologetics class.

    Very happy to see that it will likely be in print again soon.

    • Mark Shea

      My understanding is that breaking the book into a trilogy made it extremely difficult to manage the economics of keeping various print runs going. The plan is to re-edit it into a single volume, which will eliminate that problem. I am *hugely* grateful to Catholic Answers for undertaking this daring project and offer them my undying gratitude for getting the book out there.

  • So Thrilled about all of that, but especially the re-printing of “Mary, Mother of the Son”. I think it’s the best one-stop shop for Catholics *and* Protestants to understand the Church’s Marian doctrines.

  • Rebecca

    Hope you can. Also, I hate how the website changed so that every single article, you have to hit ‘read more’ to read everything. It freaking sucks. Is there anything you can do about it?

    • Mark Shea

      Alas, no.

  • Mary

    Yay! I am excited to hear the news! Please keep us updated about when/where we can purchase the books. And as your blog contributed (big time) to my return to the Faith, I have donated what I can and will be keeping you in my prayers. God bless you in your work!

  • David

    Great news! I look forward to reading MMOTS and BWA as soon as they are released.