Do you remember those Prisoner of War videos?

The ones where the prisoners would talk about how everything was fine while attempting to blink in Morse code, “They are torturing us! Help!”

I get that sense as this hapless functionary of the state-controlled media begs for Romney to please present the evidence for the case against Obama since his Overlords at CBS have decreed that Obama is not to be criticized by Pravda:

No really, they not only clean up Obama’s mistakes for him, but even change the links so that you can’t see the story when they do it. Fascinating.

They also inflate a crowd of five thousand Obama supporters to 18,000, because what matters is that you believe correctly, not that you know what actually happened.

But remember: only FOX is corrupt.

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  • dpt

    Interesting political season…and it seems the MSM is really out to get Romney.
    I’m glad I don’t watch TV and that living in CA we are “out of play” for the presidential election, so annoying radio commercials covering the prez election are not needed.

  • Richard Johnson

    The MSM is always out to get the Republican candidate. That is a given. What is not a given is the fact that the Republican Candidate walks around with targets on his shoes…targets he keeps hitting dead center every time he opens his mouth.

    The MSM is not losing this election for Romney. Romney is losing it for Romeny.

  • Richard Johnson

    As for shooting itself in the foot, Breitbart, need to do some checking of their own.

    If you look at the third picture down, the one above the video insert, it looks to me like a picture of an SRO crowd outside the venue. Not sure how many are there, and it may be short of the additional 13K that the MSM says was out there, but it is well above the 5K mentioned in this article.

    About those targets on the shoes…maybe the conservative media should stick to issues rather than trying to play games like this. Or at least make sure that if they are going to play games like this, they have really checked out the “facts” around the accusation.

    But then, better to tilt at windmills and blame the MSM for the candidate tanking than to actually look at Dole’s…er, I mean Romney’s campaign and see what he is doing wrong.

    • Amoratem Veritatis

      @ Richard Johnson
      Not to pick at nits, but the photo you referenced does not show more than 1,500 – 2,000 people max. And that assumes that the photo crop is excluding some of the faithful…we will be generous and say 10%. Those types of crowd shots are always deceiving, unless you break them down, count several representative grids and then extrapolate. On the other hand, what does it matter? Democrats are the party that has refined the “rent a mob” tactic to a fine art. The crowd that matters, as well as the only poll that matters, is the one that happens on November 6. Romney may not be Reagan (or Bubba Clinton if you swing that way), but the faithful and fearful will figure out a way to drag his candidacy across the finish line. That way, we can show just how inclusive we are in electing our last four presidents…a Mormon; a Marxist/Muslim; a Methodist and a Mythomaniac. Now that’s some diversity!

  • Carbon Monoxide

    Candidate tanking? Romney is tied or ahead in every poll that doesn’t oversample democrats in double digits.

  • Joannie

    My opinion is this: to me the Mainstream Media is the enemy because they have been carrying the water for Obama since his election 4 years ago, and it is unprecedented. We have not seen this with any other recent president including John Kennedy. Before 2009 I was able to watch all of the mainstream channels including their cable channels. Their job is to report the news honestly, not to try to spin it or shape and manipulate it. I only get most of my news from independent Internet news sources. Our local station WXIX Channel 19 has a great segment called “Reality Check” which I have followed for about a year because they gave Ron Paul decent and fair coverage. Even FOX news channel can sometimes spin things but they are not quite as bad as MSNBSC.

    • Richard Johnson

      “We have not seen this with any other recent president including John Kennedy.”

      Yes, which is why his numerous affairs were well known among the electorate. Our stalwarts in the media made sure to report, in an unbiased fashion, not only his dalliance with Marilyn Monroe but also his alleged connections to the Mafia.

      If you expect that the media is suddenly going to return to a “golden age” where respected news anchors reported the news in an unbiased and uncomplicated manner to an intelligent and interested public then you are kidding yourself. We’ve never had that, and never will.

  • Matt Talbot

    Dear Republicans,
    Now you know how Democrats felt about John Kerry’s campaign. The word “hapless” comes to mind.

  • LaVallette

    That’s how Demoncrats win elections: For every real demoncrat voter count 3.5 voters, especially during recounts. Minnesota senatorial or Washington gubernatorial anybody??

  • Will

    You mean the ones with prisoners giving zombielike delivey of obviously dictated statements during Desert Storm? I wondered if someone in the Pentagon had read John W. Campbell’s advice that the US publicly order anyone captured to become a psychopathic liar.