Hey Chestertonians!

Dale Ahlquist writes:

September 13, 2012


Dear Chestertonians,

The American Chesterton Society spreads G.K. Chesterton’s common sense through our television show, our magazine, our books, our web-sites, and our lectures around the country. The Chesterton Challenge is a way for you to not only support these activities, but see your support doubled at the same time.

Please help us meet this $40,000 challenge grant, an extraordinary fundraising opportunity.

We have only two weeks left to raise another $17,928.

Whatever you can give, please give. We have never had an opportunity like this. To support us, donate online today or send your gift to the American Chesterton Society at 4117 Pebblebrook Circle, Minneapolis, MN 55437.

We need your help right now. Let me remind you that our organization is unique, and there are few people who understand the importance of what we do. But you understand. You know why we need the potent and prophetic words of G.K. Chesterton in a world that has lost both faith and reason. You know we need his common sense.

Your servant,


Dale Ahlquist
President, American Chesterton Society

P.S. Here’s another way you can help us meet the Chesterton Challenge: purchase a raffle ticket for our upcoming Rome Pilgrimage, which has been rescheduled for March 15-23, 2013. Every $100 chance goes towards matching the challenge grant!

To participate, send a check payable to The American Chesterton Society. Entries received by September 30 will be included in the drawing. The drawing will take place October 1, 2012 at the American Chesterton Society (need not be present to win).

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