Jason Stellman is a great guy

He lives out here near Seattle and we’ve had lunch together and visited and talked a number of times. He’s a former Calvinist pastor who recently swam the Tiber (at great cost to himself and his family). I regard him as a hero.

Anyway, he has finally been able to begin to tell his story. A good, good man and I hope we welcome him and help him and his family as they struggle to adjust to The New World. St, Paul, pray for them!

By the way, I am greatly heartened by the intelligent and warm comments in his comboxes, an awful lot of them from other converts. Beautiful to read!

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  • He’s got my prayers. Especially for the hardships. Almost 7 years later, and we’re still just a half step in front of living in cardboard boxes. So hope all turns for him.

    • As someone who swam the Tiber without it costing him a blamed thing in worldly terms, I very much admire and am grateful for the sacrifice of guys like you and Stellman, Dave G.

      • What else could we do? I wish it had turned out differently, and there are times when going back and saying “what the hell was I thinking, of course Protestant theology is correct. Now give me a job!” does bounce about in my mind. But truth is truth. And if you have to build your ministry on something you don’t think is true, the paybacks down the road will be far worse than any tribulations in terms of worldly possessions. Thanks for the cheer, though. It’s always appreciated. Prayers, too.

        • Mark Shea

          God bless you, Dave. You are also heroic. God sees.

          • Thanks Mark. That always is worth remembering.

  • Ted Seeber

    a half step in front of living in cardboard boxes describes about 70% of Americans right now.

  • Blog Goliard

    Huzzahs and thanksgiving and prayers!

  • russ

    Yes! God bless Jason for his heroic pursuit of Truth. When I swam back across the tiber (after 31 year foray into various forms of evangelical Christianity) I lost respect among friends family and lost a few music gigs in evangelical ecclesial communities, but it did not impact my day job. Kudos to folks like Jason who are willing to renounce all to follow Christ even at great financial and social risk. He fought the Church and the Church won. Welcome home Jason! http://archive.org/details/IFoughtTheChurchAndTheChurchWon

  • Robert Brennan

    You know with all of these empty convents I see around the archdiocese of Los Angeles, why not create a ministry for former ministers, guys who are married but not eligible for priesthood due to their particular protestant tradition…Just think if they were given a small stipend, a place (the empty convent) to live and how they could augment the charitable arm of so many people. Those who qualify could eventually enter into some kind of Deacon program…Just a thought from the Pope of Van Nuys