John C. Wright pens a painful post…

…that just makes me love him all the more with its blunt contrition and brutal honesty about what abortion, in fact, is. I’m sending myself a check in order to re-up my membership in the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society. I just hope it doesn’t bounce.

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  • It boggles my mind how so many Catholics (friends and family) who are dead set against abortion, will turn right around and vote for the people who are in favor of it.

    • Chris

      “In favor of it” is putting it mildly. Abortion is the devil’s eucharist.

      Our friends and loved ones are being drowned in the undertow of secular humanism. They’re falling like snowflakes into hell…

      • Gary Keith Chesterton

        I’m so glad I’m not. I thank Thee, Lord, that I am not as other men.

        (I’m not attacking you, Chris)

        • Marion (Mael Muire)

          And yet it is no bad thing to have regard for the plight into which our friends and loved ones may have fallen and to seek with all our hearts to assist them by means of instruction, by beseeching them to amend their lives, by providing a good example, and most of all by praying for them, and by fasting for them.

          If people don’t continue to pray for me, I know for certain that I will be apt to be found one fine day on the broad path and wide, with nowhere to turn around. Please don’t forget to include me in your prayers. And I will continue to pray for all of you. Thank you.

  • Obpoet

    The diagnosis was incorrect. This almost goes unnoticed. I do these ultrasounds scans daily, and I know they can be in error, but not usually for spina bifida, which is usually very straightforward to diagnose. Perhaps there was some divine intervention.

    I have seen this on one occasion with a hypoplastic left heart. It was confirmed by 3 doctors at 3 separate prenatal diagnostic centers in 3 states. This is an obvious diagnosis on a prenatal scan. The kid came out normal. The family prayed, and was prayed over. Imagine that.

    • I knew a woman who was twice tested and got back positive results saying the kid had Downs Syndrome. The first time the doctor tried to pressure her into an abortion; the second time she refused to listen to the results until after childbirth when she asked did this perfectly normal child also have the test results of the first one, and was told yes.

  • Paul Wilson

    My mother’s doctor told her that I would be born mentally retarded (she was wrong, of course), and pressured her for months to abort me. Thank God my mother and father were strong enough in their faith to be horrified at the thought.

  • Ellen

    Read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and keep abortion in mind as you do.

  • Whew. Tough to read. It reminds me of how we used to joke in college that the best thing I guy could hear from a girl were those magical words: “Don’t worry, if I get pregnant, I’ll just get an abortion.'” It still sends chills down my spine to think of the sport we made of that, if not the exploitation of it.

    Especially troubling was the flawed diagnosis. That God all turned out well. It turns the heart to think how often it doesn’t.

  • dpt

    “It still sends chills down my spine to think of the sport we made of that, if not the exploitation of it. ”

    Dave G.- Yes, abortion and birth control allow men to more readily use and explot women. Seems that the “choice” side fails to grasp this.


  • Jordan Henderson


    If I were you, I’d see about raising the dues in the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society. Might help to keep undesirables out.

  • S.

    My doctor want me to consider aborting my son. The prenatal diagnosis was correct but he has no problems that greatly impact his life. He is sitting next to me and working on his homework. I love him more than I can express in words. I think of the doctor often and wonder how many other mothers she talked into making a different choice.

  • KML

    That was a tough read. It’s also something I think of often as an adoptee. I have never met my birth parents and don’t know much about them as it was all arranged before I was born through a third party, but the fact of my adoption indicates that I wasn’t a desired pregnancy. Being born in 1977 means that there were legal options that would have ensured I was never born. I thank God every day for the sacrifice my birth mother made in carrying me for 9 months, birthing me, and then giving me to my loving parents to raise. Being a parent now, the superhuman sacrifice that was is just now becoming more real to me. Every time I hear the pro-choice arguments about every child being a wanted child, or how it’s a “personal decision,” I want to say that I WAS that unwanted child, I WAS that “personal decision.”

    I am so thankful that my birth mother recognized and respected my right to live. So many others have not had that basic humanity shown to them.

  • If you hate abortion, please consider hating Panned Parenthood, and their 330,000 abortions per year. Companies you probably do business with support this death-dealing organization. Your tax dollars to too.

  • Both my daughter and I are survivors. I say that because the doctor encouraged my mother to abort me and because our daughter who has Down syndrome is considered by much of the culture an unfortunate mistake of ignorance because we didn’t test. No doctor should encourage death, ever.

  • The Next to Last Samurai

    My son was born 1979, and I still remember how creepy it was when, sometime during month 4 Or 5, the nurse stopped calling him “the fetus” and promoted him to “the baby.”. The doctor, to his credit, referred to “the baby” throughout.

    • so may i ask you where your son was born at? and do you still have your son?