Latest Real Jesus, after brief abortive marriage…

gets quicky divorce. Tom McDonald has been following the media hype as it devolved from Shattering Revelation to Nine Day Wonder to Houston We Have a Problem to Nothing to See Here to Autopsy. Funny stuff.

When it comes to the Latest Real Jesus, the MSM never learns that it is never a New Jesus only their own foolish faces they see when they think they are looking at him. The only real Jesus you will ever meet is fully present in the tabernacles of the world and the truth about him fully on display in the common life, worship, and teaching of the Catholic Church. Accept no substitutes.

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  • Thibaud

    The news that this obvious forgery is, actually (spoiler alert), an obvious forgery is not getting nearly as much media coverage as the news of its “discovery”.

    And I for one is shocked, positively shocked by this new development. Why, it’s almost as if the MSM does not care about the truth and only about selling beer and shampoo (and scoring one against orthodox Christianity (aka the Reactionnary Evil Popish Church) whenever possible).

  • Realist

    The married Jesus may not be the real Jesus but neither is your blonde, blue eyed stained glass window Roman Catholic Jesus.

    • Mark Shea

      Apparently you are not familiar with ideas like inculturation. Nobody says Jesus has blond hair and blue eyes, though Europeans imagined him that way sometimes. He is also seen in icons as black, Indian, Chinese, etc. In historical fact, he was a Middle Eastern Jew. And yes, the Catholic Church does pass down the accurate memory of his words and deeds.

      • Tim in Cleveland

        Next thing you’re gonna tell us is that the Bible wasn’t written in English.

        • Irenist

          Why should Realist bother to differentiate between Catholics and King James Only fundamentalists? Next we’ll be expecting him to admit that 9/11 isn’t the Church’s fault even though both Catholicism and Wahhabi Islam are examples of “Religion.” You can’t expect a “Realist” to concern himself with such trifling matters of leprechaunology. He has deep thoughts to think about atheist heroes like Fr. Nicolaus Copernicus and Br. Gregor Mendel. Best not to disturb him.

    • TimLambert

      I enjoy reading criticisms like Realists because it’s a nice reflection of how shallow and aimless they are.

    • Chris M

      You mean Jesus isn’t made of stained glass? That’s it, I’m leaving the Church for atheism. My worldview has been systematically deconstructed. Well played.

      • Irenist

        Has Realist shattered your faith?

    • Ted Seeber

      Funny, I’ve never seen a blonde Jesus in a Roman Catholic stained glass window- and the Jesus in Eastern Rite Icons is never nordic.

      • Irenist

        It’s almost as if Realist is using getting all his information from New Atheist stereotypes that lump all Christians in with American fundamentalist Protestants. Nah….

  • bob

    I said it wouldn’t last.

  • It doesn’t even matter what the article says– it’s only what the headline says that counts.

  • FW Ken

    The interesting thing is, authentic or fake, the fragment added nothing new. We’ve known for awhile that a sect (or sects) had stories about a married Jesus. As someone noted, this fascination is more about modern obsessions than historical heretics.

    • str

      Well, and even IF Jesus had been married – and there is no evidence for that apart from the fragment in question – it wouldn’t really matter much. Orthodox Christianity has no issue with the possibility of Jesus being married. Rather, it is the spirit of the times that takes issue at the possibility of him not being married.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        Actually, no. There are pretty major theological implications for Jesus being married. None of which matter, because he wasn’t.

  • SecretAgentMan

    “I had no religion. . . . The view implicit in my education was that the basic narrative of Christianity had long been exposed as a myth. . . . No one had ever suggested to me that these quaint observances expressed a coherent philosophic system and intransigent historical claims; nor, had they done so, would I have been much interested.” — Charles Ryder, Brideshead Revisited

    The class to which decision-makers at the Smithsonian, and the associated group of cultural moonbats belong, has been repeating Charles Ryder’s opinion to themselves for so long it never occurred to them that King’s “discovery” is a fraud. They’ve been blunting their own minds so well and for so long it never occurred to them that King’s “discovery” is a fraud even if it’s a genuine document. If I wrote, “the Smithsonian was founded by Al-Qaeda with Bin Laden family money” and kept the paper for a year, who in their right minds would regard the “revelation” of this “document” as proof linking the Smithsonian’s staff to terrorism? Only someone who’s been blunting his or her own mind with lust, greed, anger, and the other passions that inhibit reason would do that. Same here — it wouldn’t matter if this were a genuine second-century papyrus, things aren’t true because they’re long-lived, it’s the other way around.

  • marya

    Funny how the MSM regards the four recognized Gospels with skepticism (at best), yet they were ready to believe a few disconnected phrases on a fragment smaller than a credit card. “What fools these mortals be!”

  • V

    Since the Truth fails to be sufficiently interesting… they eagerly await any third rate heresy to quench spiritual thirst. There are no new ideas, just the return of long forgotten heresies.

    “First it must be remembered that the Church is in advance of the World. That is why it is said to be behind the times. It discussed everything so long ago that people have forgotten the discussion.”

    Thank you, Mr. Chesterton.

  • LaVallette

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

    That summarises the MSM covergae of the Christian religion. They do not even bother to check or look up what they do not know. Their prejudgement and preconception are taken as right.

  • I’ve noticed that the “real Jesus” always has the same cultural hangups as those who discover him. Are we feminists who are obsessed with equality? Well, Jesus was a married man who wanted female priests. Do we dislike the Catholic Church? Well, Jesus never intended to found a Church. Are we liberal? Well, Jesus was a communist revolutionary who hated rules. Are we conservative? Well, Jesus would have supported Middle Eastern adventures and torturing those wogs if it meant saving lives.

    If our culture becomes obsessed with cheese blintzes (and we should; they’re delicious) I’m convinced some scholar or theologian will discover Jesus’s recipe for the best cheese blintz this side of eternity.

    • Irenist

      “If our culture becomes obsessed with cheese blintzes (and we should; they’re delicious) I’m convinced some scholar or theologian will discover Jesus’s recipe for the best cheese blintz this side of eternity.”
      I took this as a challenge to my google-fu. Here’s what I discovered.
      Cheese blintzes/bliny are traditional among Lithuanian Catholics during Lent, and are, along with other blintzes, a traditional food during the Maslenitsa festival that precedes Russian Orthodox observance of Great Lent. Here’s a cheese blintz recipe from “Jews for Jesus”:
      Why? Because the Internet, that’s why.