Mary Guards the Truth…

…about our Relationship to One Another as we continue our discussion of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary over at the Register.

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  • JB

    Re “the virgin who was given the singular grace to be “younger than sin.”

    …thanks for that phrase about her, “younger than sin”, which I’d never heard nor read before.

    I’m personally very devoted to Mary, constantly invoking her help, precisely BECAUSE I know how much I need God’s Grace, of Which she is the main vehicle in this world. Of course her Son is the SOURCE of Grace, and HE does the “heavy lifting” in the eternal war between God and His (foolish, eternally vanquished) enemies.

    HOWEVER, the truth remains, that Jesus gave His mother Mary the role of being the mediatrix of all of God’s Graces to all of God’s creatures – including to the Angels, which is precisely the main reason why Satan and some other angels rebelled against God the Father, because through their vanity they refused to serve Mary, a “merely” INCARNATE creature who became greater than the Angels through her totally humble acceptance of God’s Grace.

    So, in sum, what does that have to do with Mary being “younger than sin?” Well, inter alia, Mary being a HUMAN CREATURE AND “younger than sin” – the essential difference from her Son being that she is a CREATURE – well, what REALLY infuriates Satan about THAT, is that, well, yeah Satan’s pride could ALMOST accept JESUS being sinless, since Jesus is God…

    …but what MOST infuriates Satan, is one of God’s Human CREATURES – Mary – being sinless! Because Satan’s whole aim for this world, was to take ALL Human creatures from God through sin! But then Mary – willfully and through her cooperation with God the Father – turned Satan’s plan for Humans upside down!

    In sum, yes Satan hates Jesus – because Jesus is God and Satan hates God – but Satan hates Mary even more than he hates Jesus! Because Mary personifies – even more than Jesus does – how one of God’s CREATURES can become greatest among all creatures by humbly doing God’s will.

    That’s my interpretation of how and why Mary is “younger than sin”. Although she was born within Time, still her humble willingness to do God’s will has made her even greater than the angels who were created before Time began. She is younger than sin because her acceptance of God’s Grace has made her greater than Time.

  • JB

    PS, sorry for all the big caps in my above comment, but I’m a bit passionate about Mary…

    …and I’m more remotely passionate about her Son and His Father, Our Father. I say “remotely” because I truly fear God the Father. I know He loves me, but as He is too big for me to deal with personally, I’m grateful to His Son, and to His Son’s mother Mary, for helping me to receive God’s Grace.

  • Observer

    You know, if you are going to refer to Mary who is both the gaurdian of the virtue charity and purity (thus the gaurdian of truth, since through charity and purity Christ came), you might as well refer to the time of the pharisee’s: who used the conventions of stoning and persecution to enforce the lesser commandments (i.e. eating rituals, working on the sabbath, doing works of mercy, etc.) In fact, the pharisee’s seem to have been very strongly against the immorality of Mary Magdalene and the woman who was being chased and stoned (apparently they were supporters of traditional marriage.) However, they never stoned a man (more so than a woman) for divorcing his wife (and possibly leaving children abandoned.) Yet, they were very strong on going after proztitutes and other unsavory (under their subjetive dislike) sinners. In that, Christ (of course several and repeatable times) chastised them (pharisee’s) for hating the sinner and not hating the sin; they were ravenous wolves. He even said they had their father (The father of lies.) So, what can we say in an age of secular pharisee’s who easily break down family institutions and the home (I mean today)? And then go about enforcing laws for s.e.x abuses stemming from the very negligent and intended action against the welfare of the home through divorces and, of course, the states benevolent social programs re-distributing children from home to home in a foster care system? Are people really that mad and insane?

    Continuously, as the state causes the both the problem and solution, you have those who feel the conventions of a state enacted civil-licensed marriage ought to defend, in law, marriage between a man and a woman (and yet, they will have no contention with the fact that all this could have been avoided with eliminating divorce – not the same thing as separation between two spouses under certain circumstances of abuse in their marital relationship.) Bottom-line, secular pharisee’s want to make others to become criminal (a consequence of divorce) while they are the initiators and advocates of the crimes which come upon their endorsement breaking down the family institution.

    One thing I hope, and I ask Our Lady to request, to have those who are hypocrites (Actors!) to have the chains put upon them and held very far away from bringing about harm to anyone who may become infected with their contagion illness and disease of non-sense for breaking down the family, home, and institution which Christ said (or at least I paraphrase], “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.”

    Thus, I mean the cold lukewarm hardened un-repentent – like that of pharoah – (those who are not even open to penance as being people who have no moral weaknesses nor feel they are wrong – I mean those who try to compromise God’ laws and love with legalistic conventions trying to mark what is wrong to become right) who are not the most terrible of sinners. They feel (as the pharisee’s did) a superior attitude towards anyone who stumbles and falls. So, as ravenous wolves come and go, are quick and hastened to lower down any convention at hand to deliver a blow to the sinner and believing (in the their secularist minds) a soul lost to h.e.l.l (or left into despair) is not their problem.

    Yet, they who shape and form those conventions do not take any responsibilty for breaking down the home. And, as a result, proceed to be un-repentent. May God (I pray) not leave people renderred to not having faith and securing them in every facet of His Grace outpouring to keep all people from being caught up and becoming a refuse for sick (and insane) people who will attack the charity of the giver (the one who may lose his or her faith from praying for the soul who is attacking them.) And so, these man violate one of the first commandment by putting the faithful at odds with what Christ said, “Love thy enemy.”