Kang/Kodos 2012

Kang/Kodos 2012 September 21, 2012

Romney puts on fake tan to talk to Mexicans.

Though nobody has considered the possibility that he simply had his pale plastic epidermis peeled off the positronic matrix and temporarily replaced with a darker shade of plastic as a normal part of general maintenance and repair. Why assume he is as transparently fake as a three dollar bill when it is so important to remember that you work for the Party and the Party does not exist for you or to respect your intelligence?

Meanwhile, Obama, Man of the People, parties with people who erect 18 foot tall towers of gold-bottled champagne while denouncing Romney as an out-of-touch plutocrat. President Transparency then bans the press from publishing photos of the champagne towers, because he’s all about free speech for the Little People.

Rombama 2012: Shut up and Vote For Us, Because We Regard You As an Abused Spouse and Believe You Are Willing to Take as Many Insults to Your Intelligence and Dignity as We Feel Like Dishing Out

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