Stephen Colbert and Cardinal Dolan…

…are Catholic and Enjoying It.

The good cardinal follows up here.

An aside: Laurie Goodstein’s remarkable provincialism is on display in the opening graf of the NY Times piece. Goodstein, whose normal job is editing reality in order to paint the loathed Pope Benedict XVI as an evil monster, writes:

The comedian Stephen Colbert and Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York bantered onstage Friday night before 3,000 cheering, stomping, chanting students at Fordham University, in what might have been the most successful Roman Catholic youth evangelization event since Pope John Paul II last appeared at World Youth Day.

Actually, outside of the epistemic closure bubble of the NY Times, it turns out that millions have also turned out to hear Pope Benedict too. In fact, the same day New Advent ran the link to the NY Times story about Colbert and Dolan, Pope Benedict was addressing a crowd of youth six and a half times the size of the one at Fordham.

In a speech to at least 20,000 Lebanese youth tonight, both Christians and Muslims, Pope Benedict XVI tackled the elephant in the room during his fourth trip to the Middle East: Despite decades of papal appeals, so far nothing has stopped a steep decline in the region’s native Christian population.

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  • Ted Seeber

    I love the answer to the seminary student who wanted to date, I completely agree with Cardinal Dolan on that one.

    But I doubt he’ll ever be Pope. He’s WAY too good natured for that, and far too useful- a worthy successor to Fulton Sheen Indeed!

  • Noe

    Goodstein would probably respond by pointing out “I, uh…specifically said ‘ROMAN Catholic youth evangelization’ – not Maronite/Melkite Catholic”.

  • Will

    ” Goodstein, whose normal job is editing reality in order to paint the loathed Pope Benedict XVI as an evil monster,…”
    But that would leave her no time for misrepresenting “conservative” Anglicans! (Among other things, normal Episcopalians “have never heard of” the Anglican Communion.)