This could either be good or dreadful

This could either be good or dreadful August 31, 2019

Drama is about conflict and so my fear is that the screenwriter will invent a conflict between these two popes that doesn’t exist and make everybody dumber as a result. I also fear they will turn it into a simple-minded Good Francis vs. Evil Benedict narrative. There’s an outside chance they will turn it into a Cool Francis vs. Square Benedict tale, but that’s less likely, I think.

Trads will, I fear, be gravely disappointed if they are hoping for a Good Benedict vs. Evil Francis narrative. And personally, I am virtually certain that my hope for a human Benedict with human Francis narrative is least likely of all. The soundtrack already tells me the story will be Francis-centric, which I think is a shame since both men are equally interesting but Benedict, being shy and quiet, tends to get short shrift. He has not lived a cinematic life.

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