Those who believe everything is about economics…

will be baffled at why a President ruling over an economy in shambles would deliberately and draconianly punish a business that is a) harmless and b) thriving.

Those of us who are aware of the fact that Obama is an enemy of Christian conscience and is engaged in a campaign to smash it where it resists his absolute commitment to the Left’s agenda of sexual license find this story to be no mystery at all: Sin makes you stupid.  And Obama’s entirely unnecessary war on Christian conscience, in addition to being evil, is deeply stupid.  The man is fighting God.  And when you do that, you spend your time punching yourself in the nose.  Obama is a proud and jealous god.  No Christian in their right mind should vote for him.

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  • Jedinovice

    >The man is fighting God. And when you do that, you spend your time punching yourself in the nose.

    Alas, while, ultimately this is true, when a people turn again God – as the West down allowing this kind of insanity, God allows them to be punch themselves… to death.

    The West has abandoned God. Result: It carries out a suicide mission and goes out of its way to destroy it’s civilisation. One of the many reasons I jumped out of the West last year for Good. I can see persecution and civilsation collapse coming.

    God can be mocked…. but only for so long.

  • dan tracy

    $1.3million per day fine?
    Don’t companes need to pay just several thousands of dollars per employee into a fund if it decides not to cover health insurance?

    And the administration tells us this is just about healthcare.

    • The problem becomes if your christian conscience also dictates that you help with health insurance, you’re in a bind. The government is being quite evil here.

    • David

      Plus, the amount of the fine (I mean “tax”) is designed to take away that option entirely.

  • Brian A. Cook

    I get the impressions that liberals fight what they see as injustice–oftentimes rightly (look at the Taliban or the Ku Klux Klan). Furthermore, I have not seen a single liberal advocating suicide or destruction of civilization. Not one serious liberal.

    • There are no liberals advocating assisted suicide? Who knew?

      • S. Murphy

        Are there no serious liberals, then?

        • Not for me to judge on whether somebody is a serious liberal. People get to pick their own labels and fight it out over who is in their tribe in my book. I just marvel at they memory hole in action here. Assisted suicide was a liberal cause and it was enacted into law helped by liberals. They seem to be serious about it.

  • Ted Seeber

    Darn, my closest Hobby Lobby, like the closest Chick-Fil-A, is over 100 miles away.

    It’s local to Mark though.