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What is Mary’s Political Theory?

Whatever it is, casting down  the mighty in their arrogance and lifting up the meek and the lowly doesn’t sound a lot like Republican dogma–0r Dem practice when funding Planned Parenthood or meeting peaceful prayer with police state jackboots.

Our Ruling Class doesn’t care about you.  Stop kidding yourself that it does.  Mary cares about you.

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  • She does care about us.

  • Blog Goliard

    “casting down the mighty in their arrogance and lifting up the meek and the lowly”

    Yup, both parties are terrible at this…probably because they are horrified by the thought of anyone in our Ruling Class being cast down.

    The Republicans certainly pretend less to care about the meek and the lowly…what I can’t figure out is whether this makes them more or less horrible than the Democrats.

    • Ted Seeber

      It truly is, at least among Cafeteria Catholics, the difference between the man who wants to close the soup kitchen to have money for golden chalices at Mass, and the man who has the soup kitchen open but tells the pregnant mother that she can’t have any soup for her four kids until she kills the fifth.

  • Given that the great evil of our time is unquestionably abortion–and to pretend that balances with Republicans purported abandonment of the Great Society, which never helped the poor anyway, is specious–the Democrats are clearly the part of Great Evil. The worst that can be said of the Republicans is that they include some of those good men who allow evil to triumph by doing nothing (cf Burke)…. EXCEPT… except just perhaps at some point appoint a good man to the Supreme Court which the Dems will certainly NOT do. And that may make all the difference.

    Mary does care more about us than any party anywhere has ever cared for any man, but it’s apples and oranges. We still have to live in, if not of, the world. An Obama second term is full bore baby-killing time.

    I’m with the inestimable John C Wright: Vote Romney. Then go to confession.

    • TheRealAaron

      Vote Romney. Then go to confession.
      I keep seeing that argument, and I don’t like it. (Bear in mind, I don’t know the context of what John C. Wright said so I’m not responding to his comments directly, just the general attitude).

      Conservative Catholics wouldn’t accept this advice if it came in the form of “Have that abortion, then go to confession.” Why should we accept it for other actions?

      The attitude of “Do X, then go to confession” is a mockery of the sacrament. Whether “X” is “Vote Romney” or “Torture a terrorist” or whatever, it’s a mindset that almost entirely prevents you from truly repenting. When the attitude is “sure, it’s technically a sin but I had to do it”, the implication is “and I’d do it again, if I were put in the same circumstances.” Which is not repentance! Repentance is admitting that you were wrong, that you shouldn’t have done what you did, that what you did was opposed to human virtue and the will of God, and that you should do your best to not do it again.

      If voting for Romney is actually a sin, then we as Catholics are never justified in doing it. If it’s not a sin, just a difficult decision, then we don’t need to go to confession for it. No one says “Buy the Honda instead of the Geo Metro, since the upfront cost will be offset by the long-term benefits of better construction…. then go to confession.”