Gotta Love Camille Paglia

“What in the world has happened to the Democratic Party? Its passivity towards this awful takeover of our lives by a know-it-all government, as shown by the way Obama has governed by constantly going around Congress — appointing czars and one new layer of bureaucracy after another. And hardly a peep of protest from liberals. It’s like the movie of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” — Democrats have turned into the Eloi; they’re like sheep. They hear a signal, and it’s like pre-programmed spin in their heads — they just trot like sheep in one direction. I am voting Green in protest against the systemic corruption of my party.” Camille Paglia

There’s a certain edge of manic madness in her voice when she speaks. It’s like being lectured by a machine gun. But though she’s a bit crazy, she’s generally honest. I wonder if she’s gotten the memo that a Green vote is really a vote for Obama as all third party votes are–or so I’m perpetually told.

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  • No Mark, you’ve got it all wrong. A Green vote is really a vote for Romney! Clearly, as a writer, you have failed at basic mathematical skills. 😉

  • Evan

    No, a Green Party vote is really a vote for Romney, because people who are going to vote Green Party would probably support the Democrats if they were to ignore their conscience and vote for whom they believe to be the lesser of two evils. (Or so I have seen countless liberals tell other liberals who plan to vote their conscience.)

    If Obama looses, I expect Jill Stein will be blamed. And if Romney looses, Gary Johnson and/or Virgil Goode will probably be blamed. The idea that both major party candidates were thoroughly corrupt, incompetent, assholes, who both wish to shred the Constitution and kill innocents, will probably not cross the minds of the party bases.

  • Deacon Nathan Allen

    A Green vote is a better shapeshifter than Constable Odo: it’s a vote for Romney if cast by Paglia, but it’s a vote for Obama if cast by Shea (not that Mark would vote for Jill Stein). The one thing a Green vote is not is, you know, a Green vote.

  • Linebyline

    Well, a Green vote is still a pro-choice vote. So is Independent, I think.

  • honeybee

    I agree that you gotta love Camille, but I would think better of her if she just came out and said the whole thing is Kabuki theater and she’s staying home on election day.

  • In that interview, she reminds me of some character out of Agatha Christie or Chesterton…I’m not sure which. Anyone else get that sense?

  • I think with Romney, you really just have to look at the man pre-politics. What you see there–Mormon, family man, business man, and son of his parents in a really thoroughgoing way–is what you’d get if you voted him in. More thoughts here:

    Dunno if it’s enough to make it worthwhile for a Catholic to vote for him. I think he’d tend to ruthlessly pragmatic on some issues where virtue ethics or a willingness to go down for principle would serve better, but I suspect he’d do a darn good job for the country when it comes to the economy, debt, and the structure of the executive branch. As to the rest…dunno.

    • Well isn’t that a start? I have in idea why any Catholic would vote for Obama. He is the most radical President on abortion, wants to force Catholic institutions to pay for contraception and obviously favors Muslim interests over Coptic Christians abroad. What is there to like?

  • Sorry–wrong post for the above. Feel free to delete. Thanks!