Hey Chicago/Milwaukee! I Have a Question!

So my wife and I are coming back to Marytown out in Libertyville for another Militia Immaculata retreat at New Year’s.  What I’m wondering is this: since MI is covering our trip out there, would your parish be interested in having me come and speak while I’m in the neighborhood?  If so, please contact me ASAP so I can work out the travel arrangements and the day(s) when you want me to speak (bearing in mind, of course, that MI dates always take priority.  If you are wondering what I can talk about and what the hononaria are, go here and get the straight skinny.  Previous folks who have had me out to speak report a time of both jollity and exciting growth in their understanding of the Faith.  They also ask me back, which is a pretty good sign.  So don’t miss this chance!  I’d love to serve you!

By the way, if you want to give me a test drive, I will also be speaking at Marytown on October 20, regarding the Blessed Virgin.  If you like what you get there, please do have me out to your parish!

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  • Danielle

    W00t! I’m signing up for the retreat as we speak! Wahoo!
    Looking forward to thy talk, sir!

  • http://stevenadunn.wordpress.com Steven Dunn

    I eagerly await the day you’re close enough to Iowa City to make a visit.

  • http://www.StLouisAcupuncture.com Dr. Eric

    I’m closer to St. Louis. I don’t think you’d want to go that far out of your way.

  • bill t

    I going to see if our pastor over in Frostbite Falls “The Rev Know It All” will have you stop by.
    I think he’d love it – he’s a great priest, fine blogger and homilist – Your Catholic “sensibilities” match up quite nicely. If you haven’t crossed paths yet – I think you’d like him Mark.
    Hopefully I can lay a little groundwork/do a little beach-heading.