Prayer Request

Prayer Request October 3, 2012

A reader writes:

I have a patient, call him Samuel (not his real name obviously). He had previously broken all his leg bones, broke a few bones in one foot, crushed several bones in the other, in a construction accident, by falling 20ft and landing feet first on a 2′ thick concrete pad for an RV barn they were building. He’s also a 60yo functioning alcoholic.

I got him for transport to a nursing home after hospitalisation.  He had done one hospital stay and upon release, tied on a bender that left him hospitalised again 2 days later to fix the stuff all over again. So this time, off to a nursing home.

But the nearest rehab center with an open bed is 4 hrs from home and family. (His mother and siblings.  He’s a bachelor, and would seem to enjoy it.) Anyway, pray for Samuel, who is far away from anyone he knows, scared and in pain.  I’m going to ride the 4 hours back down there this weekend, since I have one off, and surprise him with a visit and roll him down the street for a chance to get out, have a great meal, etc.  he needs help with his legs, his drinking, his finances in the future, all kinds of things.  Peace of mind and purpose too.  Anyway, thanks.

Father, hear our prayer for Samuel’s complete healing in body, soul and spirit and that you would meet him with your love incarnate in your people.  Give his caregivers skill and help him to overcome his demons and find a loving connection to your Body.  Bless my reader as he tries to be that loving presence of your Son in his life.  Help them to forge a friendship and help that man to find the hope and love he was made by you to seek and find.  Mother Mary, pray for him.  St. Cosmas and Damien, pray for them.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    God bless Samuel, and bless your reader, too, Mark, for caring about so difficult a case.

    Samuel may have “hit bottom” (as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous) at last, and is ready to say good-bye to the bottle. Prayers for him.

  • Mary Alice

    Praying for this patient and your reader, especially at Adoration today.

  • I offer my prayers through the intercession of St. Drogo.

  • David Athanasius

    Request for prayer:-
    Please pray and ask for miracle do happen soon for me in a very special way as I facing a very bad broken relationship with my very best friend. Please pray that God will grant the grace of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. Pray that we will become a good friend again. May God make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. God, please touch the heart of my friend Seth so that he will forgive and come back to me again. AMEN.