Katrina Beck Needs You to Do a Work of Mercy

Meet Katrina:

She writes:

My name is Katrina Beck and I recently entered religious formation with the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the Divine Teacher. In addition, I’m currently working with the Labouré Society as I, like 42% of individuals who enter religious formation, must fund raise to cover student loans. I’m writing today to request your assistance in spreading the word about my fundraising efforts. Kelly Franklin with the Catholic Young Adult Network recommend that I contact you. Any assistance you can provide in getting the word out will be greatly appreciated.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or questions. A link to my Labouré Society page is listed below .

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  • Nina

    I find these pleas to alleviate other people’s debt appalling. Why can’t she get a job and pay them off like everyone else? She signed the contract, she should pay. Hey, why doesn’t everyone who doesn’t feel like working to pay off their debts just go sign up to be a nun or priest, get other people to pay down their debt, and then back away from the priesthood and convent? I ignore these ridiculous “I’m so holy, I shouldn’t have to honor my debts” pleas. Ridiculous. Why should I pay someone else’s debt just because she’s going to be a nun? Why not pay off the debt of a young mother and father? What makes wannabe nuns so much holier? Ugh.

  • ED

    Wow, Nina… such an *extremely* powerful statement.

    Is it possible that you are related to Sean Hannity? LOL