Once Deny the God…

and Caesar becomes the god.  Having just informed us that the government is the only thing we all belong to, the Left now moves on to the inevitable symbolism of President Narcissus, in which we find ourselves as many members in the One‘ body.


No wonder he is making war on the Church. Caesar is a jealous god. All those good corporal and spiritual works of mercy that video talks about (as well as an admixture of acts of worship offered to Moloch) are being appropriated by President Narcissus and other worshippers of the state as purely human achievements rooted in human pride and not in divine love. A nation that attempts this will discover the truth of the biblical principle that even our righteous deeds are like filthy rags.

That’s not to denigrate the generous impulse motivating the people who want to do good for their neighbor. But it is absolutely to denounce the secular messianic evil that labors to divert that work from being an act of love to God and neighbor and turn it into a prideful messianic claim by this most narcissistic and messianic president in our history. I absolutely refuse to be a servant to our President or any other elected official. He is *my* servant. I elected him. He works for me as does the rest of the state. It is fascism, not American representative democracy and emphatically not Catholic teaching which says that our dignity and our rights come from the generosity of Caesar and not the hand of God. We find meaning and purpose from serving God and neighbor, not Big Brother.

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  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

    The effort to try to build a better nation – without centering all upon Jesus – will, within a generation or two, go completely off the rails and result instead in the emergence of a police state, complete with concentration camps, machine guns, and lethal injections for “useless eaters” like the disabled and the frail elderly.

    In our human falleness, we cannot do anything right when we attempt to leave Him out of the equation.

  • Glenn

    BTW, the link you provided to the story about the Obama flag (“it’s not a flag, it’s just a poster”) needs to be followed up by this: turns out the firestorm Team Obama received from the flag — er, poster idea was so intense that they sheepishly removed it from the campaign website.


  • Blog Goliard

    But…but…but Mark, I thought you were a secret Obama supporter! This blog post is definitely not going to help your nefarious plot to suppress turnout for Romney.

  • Loud

    shoot, how is there only three comments here? Tell me that people have seen this! Even IF they were removed for profanity or something stupid like that, it would makeme feel better knowing that the world is aware how many of our famous elite are utterly worshiping this dude, attributing all this to him? As if for some reason, the only reason lving your neihbor is woth doing is beacuse its jard being president!