Piskie Poacher Makes a Grab for Catholic Sheep

Urges San Franciscans to dump that dumb ol’ Catholic morality for Piskie Whateverism.

Take it away, Chris Johnson! How did such a jerk get to be an Episcopal bishop and such a rude slam pass muster with the supposedly polite Piskie hierarchy? I submit this could be a job for… Chris Johnson: Anglican Investigator!

Update: Tee hee!

"Yep. Please see Kate Dailey's Twitter thread here:https://twitter.com/katedai..."

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  • TheRealAaron

    I’m not sure I understand the outrage. We’re doing the same thing to groups of Episcopalians who want to leave the Anglican communion. I’d hope our bishops would be a little less snide in their phrasing, but I don’t see how their actual goals are any different.*

    * Other than the fact that, objectively, I believe we’re right and they’re wrong. But I’m assuming they believe they are right and are trying to follow their consciences as well.

  • caroline

    I trust they have as rude a name for us as we do for them.

    • SpasticHedgehog

      I asked Mark about this once and he said his Episcopal friends reference themselves in this way so I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

      That said yes, they have rude names for us. I wish they’d stick with Mackeral Snappers. I like that one.

      • Mark Shea

        I picked up “Piskie” from Chris Johnson, a Piskie.

  • I’m with Aaron on this one. Episcopalians are as good at reading comprehension when they see Catholics, especially prominent ones, suggest the Church is better off without so-called black sheep.

    Personally, I think we’re stronger with all the sheep together rather than scattered. There’s always the hope that in the Christian community, on the universal, diocesan, and/or parish level, people will be invited to go deeper whether they are this kind of sinner or that. It would seem to be up to Archbishop Cordileone to respond to this in an evangelical way.

  • Sometimes passive/aggressive rudeness costs you. Check this out:

    • According to the diocese, Bishop Andrus was late and they were looking for a way to sneak him into the front without disruption. By the time they’d found one, the man had already left.

    • B.E. Ward

      Why would the guy even show up if he feels the way he does? A real leader would say “I don’t like it enough to not even show up.”

  • Bob

    There is also the little matter of saying (in effect): “We have a superior Christianity because it is more in tune with what the world tells you.” Over all, it is the same tactic employed by both sides, but in relation to sheep themselves, it is a blatant “Choose the easier path, even if you are more likely to fall off the edge. Come on. You know you want to.” kind of stuff.

  • Tommy

    Touche’ sort of…. although he is trying to turn the tables on the Catholic Church and he may get many “unhappy” Catholics who disagree with Church teachings. However they won’t last very long at this Episcopal Church either because these Churches usually fail. They stand for nothing

    • bob

      If they wind up in the Episcopal organization they were Protestants to start. You didn’t lose them today you lost them long ago. They’re finally being honest. As an earlier Episcopal bishop of California, Pike, once put it “A Time For Christian Candor”. Boy, is it. Accident or not, the clown stuck in the basement was a delicious thing. Whoever made that accident happen needs a promotion.

  • dan

    Driving to work today here in the Bay Area, I heard the local news channel announce a promo to the top of the hour news and one story would be on Archbishop Cordileone’s Mass today. The radiohead announced it was “God vs. Gays”.


  • Will

    It sounds logical to me. I am persistently unable to comprehend why “dissident Catholics” stick around creating a spectacle and demanding that doctrine be revised to suit almighty them, when there are already 20,000 Protestant churches.
    After all, when I could no longer stomach self-styled-mainline Protestantism… I left.

    Member of a “strange church” that “doesn’t believe in normal things” according to Missouri Democraps.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    How is Andrus any more of a jerk than the bishop of Rome and his Anglicanorum Coetibus ?

    Oh, Piskie poaching bad, Papist poaching good–gotcha.

    And Bishop Andrus disputes the chancery’s “too late to the party: excuse: http://tinyurl.com/9mc7cjk

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Simple. The Anglicans asked to join the Church. Rome responded to Anglican bishops who were asking for a way to leave the Anglicans and join the Catholics. Let me know when you find some entire Catholic parishes breaking down the doors to join the Episcopal Church.

      Until then…strawman away!

  • j. blum

    Surely, our host is also aware, in re the name “piskey,” that the piskies are the Cornish equivalent of Ireland’s “shee folk,” or fairies (sidh). The symbolic significance thereof is left to the fertile imagination.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    It also means “the sands” in Ukranian. Obviously a desert reference. How dam dum.

  • FW Ken

    I picked up ‘piskie when I was one.

    • Chris M

      ditto. Never had a rude connotation. Was always more of an affectionate nickname

  • Ellen

    I’ve heard a lot of Episcopalians refer to themselves as piskies. Me, I’m a papist and proud of it.

  • Julie

    But the media answered with such outrage when Pope Benedict ANSWERED a request and established the ordinariate, saying he parked his tanks on the Episcopal lawn, accused him of poaching, etc. This man outright tries to poach and the media isn’t treating him like they did the pope. If you’ll notice, the AP LOVES Catholic defections to either pentecostalism or Episcopalianism. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  • FW Ken

    I’ll see your papist, Ellen, and raise you one mackerel snapper.

  • ArtDeco

    Mr. Christopher Johnson (former Episcopalian) again lays it all out for us: