The Insufferable Smugness of the NCR Progressive

Reader Michelle Arnold notes:

Vatican: “Stop messing around with the Lamb of God by adding unauthorized changes.”

NCR: “Vatican and U.S. bishops mandate changes to Lamb of God.”

What we got here is failure to communicate.

For the NCR Progressive, wherever he is, is the exact center of all that is normal, good, and right–always. He is a bigger geocentrist than Bob Sungenis. Everything is relative to him and he is relative to nothing. He gets in a car, drives a thousand miles from Rome, and then remarks on how far Rome has moved from him. The sheer smug serene ninniness of it takes the breath away. Whenever the Progressive delivers himself with bemused amazement that anybody could possibly think differently from him, or announces that the rejection of some recent fad is a “change” and not a restoration, or otherwise fatuously assumes himself to be the Measure of All Things, I always think of Buzz Lightyear’s immovable asininity:

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