Oh. My. Word.

Oh. My. Word. January 4, 2013

Some really nasty Traditionalists must have gotten together to try to really humiliate the Women’s Ordination crowd. Because, surely, nobody serious about women’s ordination could have thought that a badly lip-synched, Rebecca Black in clerics… thing like this would appeal to any normal person:

“Don’t listen to St. Paul, cuz I can lead the way”.

Yeah. It’s all about power, isn’t it? As our Lord Nietzsche said: Blessed are the strong, for they shall win power struggles.

Here’s the deal: the Church can’t make women priests, just as it cannot, by Nietzschean will, consecrate water as the blood of Christ and wine as the matter of baptism or margarine as the oil of chrismation. It’s not about power. It’s about the way Jesus Christ (you remember him?) ordained that his sacraments should be celebrated and with what matter. There’s a million ways for women to be saints (which is what the Faith is actually about, not power struggles). Pick one. But you’ll never get to be a saint through rebelling against Jesus.

HT (I think) to Marc Barnes.

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