The Witness of the Prophets…

to the Perpetual Virginity of Mary.

When Judging is a Virtue
The Benefits of Belief
Why the Church Distinguishes between Mortal and Venial Sin, Part II
Why the Church Distinguishes Between Mortal and Venial Sins
  • Dan F.

    I’d never read that passage in Ezekiel this way before. Becoming Catholic opened up so much possibility, knowledge, understanding of Scripture than I could have ever imagined before.

    Any plans to make this series into a book (perhaps an e-book?). Even though I can get the content for free through the Register, I’d flip a few bucks at you to have it in one place, linked and edited.

    • Mark Shea

      It’s already a book: Mary, Mother of the Son. It will be reissued by Marytown Press in a few months.