America: Where “freedom of choice”…

means strapping the defenceless to a table and forcing them to have an abortion.  It is, by no small coincidence, also the country where “freedom of religion” means “being compelled to support abortion in direct violence again conscience”.  Also, “traditional American values of liberty and respect for human life” means “torture”.

Speaking of America, China is now entering the “how were we supposed to know?” phase of its One Child Policy while American birth rates are at an all time low.  The Chinese appear to be figuring out that their policies are a disaster.  Americans, being evidently stupider than the Chinese, are responding to plummeting birth rates by clamoring for free contraceptive candy and roughly half of them think that the solution to their problem is demographic winter, consequence-free sex, and the systematic destruction of the largest system of low-cost charitable work on planet earth, the Catholic social service network.  The Chinese had almost no Christian culture to destroy when they began their monstrous journey into Commie despotism.  How much more epic stupid do Americans have to be to take the blessings of a Christian legacy of works of mercy and dynamite it for the sake of Sandra Fluke being able to get her thang on for $10 a month less?

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  • Either India or China will find pretext in our lifetime to invade Australia and New Zealand.

    Mark. My. Words.

    • I actually think that WWIII will be started by China and India due to their lack of females.

  • TheRealAaron

    This is all sorts of messed up. Besides the whole “forced abortion” thing, this story also contains both of the following quotes:

    Elisa has epilepsy and is said to have the mental and social capacity of a 6-year-old.

    And two lines later…

    it’s possible the sexual encounter that led to her pregnancy was consensual.

    Are those not mutually exclusive?

    • legally I would think yes but it would depend if the law in NV includes a ‘mental capacity’ clause or just a strict age limit to designate a minor.

      Morally, yes they are mutually exclusive.

    • Irenist

      They are mutually exclusive. What I think the article was clumsily and confusingly trying to convey was that the men involved were taking advantage of her mental incapacity (which is morally rape just as statutory rape is) but not engaging in “forcible rape.”

    • Ted Seeber

      Given her standard M.O.- being a Truck Stop Skank- I would not say much about the men’s moral capabilities either.

  • Therese Z

    I have a relative just like her, but from different causes. When you say that they have a mental capacity of a grade-schooler, it isn’t that cut and dried. It would be more accurate to say that they have the reasoning ability of a grade-schooler. My relative is an adult in her tastes, has held simple jobs, but she has no effective impulse control, loves sex, and in her younger years wasn’t careful about how she got it. Her children bear the brunt of her awful choices, and will never be truly healthy. BUT we love them and would not for a million years think they should not have been born, though.

    As pro-life as I am, I am not so sure about sterilization being the best thing to do here. We think my relative was secretly sterilized at her mother’s request during another minor abdominal surgery. I don’t think she could have been taught how to say no, and, short of trapping her in the attic, what else is there to do?

  • victor

    Ugh. Just thinking of Ms. Fluke getting her thang on is contraception enough for me. Thanks.

  • Will the feminists step up and say Elisa should have “choice” in regard to her pregnancy?

    Doubt it.

  • Ted Seeber

    80 years. That is how long it takes to reverse the demographic effects we’re seeing.

    Population is based on decisions made by human beings over the lifetime of said human beings in the population. Right now, it is November 1932. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as population is concerned, the reversal of the Comstock Laws just went into effect.

    NONE of us will live to see the end of this issue.