Everything That is Loathsome about Our “Creative Class”…

…all in one repellent, narcissistic, dishonest, bullying, cowardly sack of skin.  Meet Michael D’Antuono and his bold transgressive[TM] painting, “Truth”:

Get it?  Barack Obama crucified!  Is that bold and transgressive or what?  Really makes you think, don’t it?  Especially if you are one of those bourgeois types who can’t take a punch in your pieties.  Man, is Michael courageous!  Just ask him:

“I always regretted cancelling my exhibit in New York because I feel my First Amendment rights should override someone’s hurt feelings,” D’Antuono told Fox News. “We should celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we are given the freedom to express ourselves.”

Yes.  You are, you narcissistic twit.  But freedom to express yourself does not mean that somebody owes you a venue to do it.  I could, if I like express myself in filthy limericks punning on your name.  I might even succeed, if there is any justice  in the universe, in hurting your precious feelings, which badly need hurting if only so that you might develop some empathy for the strangers you gratuitously kick in the groin as you seek the applause of your fellow high school sophomores, you sociopathic pinhead. But I would be a big a dunce as you if I felt wronged because the New York Times would not put my dirty punning limericks about your name on their front page.  I’m free to express myself.  Others are free to ignore me and are by no means bound to give me a forum for my nose-pulling juvenalia.

Unhappily, some other gallery picked up this worthless piece of crap, so our Artist declares vindication:”

A spokesperson for the art gallery told Fox News there hasn’t been any criticism of the painting.

D’Antuono said the public exhibition “has afforded me the ability to right a wrong.”

Apparently, the universe owed the Sophomore a display of his refrigerator art.

He dismissed critics who called the display blasphemous.

“The crucifixion of the president was meant metaphorically,” he told Fox News. “My intent was not to compare him to Jesus.”

Ah.  So it was to compare him to Mohammed.  Or Confucius.  Or William Baden-Powell.  Because crucified figures wearing a crown of thorns are a dime a dozen and any connection some hyper-sensitive Christian might make is *their* fault.  Narcissism: check.  BS passive-aggression: check.

D’Antuono blamed the controversy on conservative media “trying to promote the idea that liberals believe the president to literally be our savior.”

Blame-shifting: check.  “Hey! You got aqueous humor jelly all over my finger when I poked your eye out with it!  I am so *sick* of how sensitive Christians are when I pee on them and tell them it’s raining.

In the aftermath of his aborted first attempt – the artist said he received more than 4,000 emails containing messages that were “anything but Christian-like.”

“But I accepted that it is their right to express themselves and hope that they now see it in their hearts to afford me the same right,” he said.

Annnnd a final bit of passive-aggressive cowardice and hypocrisy.  This, being translated, means “I have a perfect right to kick you in the shins as hard as I can.  If you respond with anger to my bullying cowardice, I will accuse you of being judgmental, but will lie about my magnanimity in order to afford cover for me to kick you even harder.”

Michael D’Antuono: you are a living testament to everything that is most disgusting about the “arts community” in your posing self-regard and bullying hypocrisy.  Next time, try a painting of say, Obama killing children with a predator drone if you *really* want to be all Brave and Transgressive.  Christians don’t issue fatwas, you gutless coward. And your Suffering Savior is murdering innocent civilians.  That’s truth.

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  • Luke Shea


    A Painter named Michael D’Antuono
    Might rhyme with the Ghibli film “Ponyo.”
    But I’m not really sure
    If that rhyme is true, or
    If he rhymes better with Sonny Bono

  • James H, London

    Have at you!!

    There once was a twit called D’Antuono
    Whose painting caused thoughts of ‘Oh, no!’
    A blasphemous splat
    Of narcissist’s tat
    A result of thinking with his b*n’o

    • Raul De La Garza III

      The return of Opera Man?

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    “Aqueous humor jelly.” Heh.

    • Baby M

      I fail to see the humor in this. 🙂

  • Irenist

    I’m picturing how angry this must make Obama: “Seriously? I have to spend a news cycle apologizing for this twit now? Thanks for nothing, idiot.”

    • ivan_the_mad

      Ha! With supporters like that, who needs opposition?

  • “The crucifixion of the president was meant metaphorically,” he told Fox News. “My intent was not to compare him to Jesus.”

    That’s what a metaphor IS, you idiot.

    The smugness is strong with this one. Also the stupidity.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Oh how bravely didst paint D’Antuono,
    in anticipation of the row.
    For when talent you’ve none,
    But shallowness a tonne,
    the question is how low can you go?

  • The Deuce

    D’Antuono blamed the controversy on conservative media “trying to promote the idea that liberals believe the president to literally be our savior.”

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkPa8v5p5mY&feature=related

  • Wayne

    Mehbe it’s a riff on the “evil Obama-muslim” meme. Heh. Islam says it was judas who was crucified, deceiving the Jews. So Obama is Judas deceiving the enemies of islam. WhoHoo! a new meme! The artist is a conspiracies guy!

  • beccolina

    I don’t find it offensive, just boring. It’s insipid. Art should awe us, strike us to our hearts, make us pause because it is something beautiful and true. This is just silliness pretending at being edgy. Compare it to anything by Michelangelo or Da Vinci. Compare it to a Monet or Van Gogh. Compare it to a Fredrick Remington. It lacks vitality and energy. There is nothing there except the attempt at offense to make someone pause and look, and even that is over in a moment.

    • KML

      Exactamundo. It’s not so much that it’s offensive. It’s a truly bad piece of art, in pretty much every way.

  • Anne B.

    Am I the only one who was reminded of that old photo of Richard Nixon with V-for-victory arms?

    • Adam

      Actually, the pose made me think of Michael Jackson. But I can see Nixon, too.

  • Mark, if there were something like an Academy Awards of Blogging and a category for the most inspired use of intelligent eviscerating invective, this post would win pixels-down. Seriously, dude, I’m slack-jawed in envious amazement at the sheer artistry of your words and phrases here.

  • Ye Olde Statistician

    It looks like it was meant to be painted on black velvet.

    • Mark Shea


  • Kristen inDallas

    Filthy limmericks, aye? Don’t mind if I do:

    There once was a painter-like farse
    Who grew weary of trying to draw farts
    He imagined a savior
    But thought “better behavior”
    required him to lick a man’s arse

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Bravo. This blog needs more limerick contests.

  • tz

    I didn’t know the crucified thief opposite St. Disymus had a crown of thorns. Correcting that, I don’t see the problem.

    • gene jarr

      If you can honestly make a comment like that, TZ, it’s not surprising that you would have no problems with this piece of “artistic” licentiousness.

  • You know, Mark, repression is bad for the psyche. You really should make an effort every now and then to let it all out and tell us how you really feel. 🙂

  • Ridge_Runner

    Some chew on the rug with their paint brushes, others chew on the rug with their pen. Both chewers are not very pretty, and the carpet ends up in very bad shape. Still, some enjoy the spectacle of the battling chewers. Maybe we have too much time on our hands.