Fellow Blessed Sacramentertarianitonian Kevin Birnbaum writes

I’ve got a new blog I’m calling “the candle.” The tagline is “A hodgepodge of beauty, truth, and goodness,” and my posting philosophy is “at least one beautiful thing each day” — in both words and images, including original photography. So far I’ve got posts on sacred art, astronomy, Gerard Manley Hopkins, genocide survivalScripture, the Catechism, and Stephen Tobolowsky, among other things. And of course the obligatory Chesterton.

Please check it out, subscribe, and share with anyone who might be interested in a daily minute of beauty.

Anything for a fellow parishioner and fan of the Cuteness.

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  • IB Bill

    You totally made up that word, though it appears to be spelled correctly, and as a professional writer, have a license to do so. Just keep in mind, some day in the future, some kid’s spelling bee dream is going to be shattered thanks to you. 🙂

  • Marty Helgesen

    In other words, “something wicked this way comes.”