Hey Seattle! Mark your calendars for December 7!

Dear Catholic Professionals of Seattle member,

Hope you are doing well and ready to take some time off this Thanksgiving to give thanks for all the many blessings from the Lord. After the break we will be gathering on Friday December 7 at the UW Newman Center with Mass starting at 7 am followed by breakfast and our guest speaker. Our guest speaker has a timely topic:

Saints and Modern Politics
John Paul II Confronts Poland’s Communist Regime,

Join us for a talk by James Ramon Felak, a Professor of History at the University of Washington specializing in the history of East Central Europe and Christianity.

Are you concerned about the deepening movement toward secularism? Does the recent election campaign over women’s issues and the definition marriage have you anxious about the future?

It is important to be aware of the path that we’re being led down these days, with government and political figures attempting to form public conscience on issues historically formed by religious conscience. There are parallels with what is happening today with what happened in pre-communist Poland. Let’s hear about what happened then and be inspired by a country that overcame these forces.

Join us for a talk from James Felak, a Professor of History at the University of Washington, specializing in the history of East-Central Europe and the history of Christianity. Professor Felak will share share the secret of how Pope John Paul II used the saints in the fight against communism

More info and Registration at http://www.catholicprofessionalsofseattle.org/events.html

See you in December!

Dr. Felak is a fantastic speaker.  Be there!  Aloha!

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