I’m feeling very hopeful

One of the fruits of the election is that a real conversation has broken out among Catholic conservatives that looks like it could be very productive:

Check out our web journal, Ethika Politika, at the Center for Morality in Public Life. (www.cfmpl.org/blog) We published several articles inspired by your “widow’s mite” thesis during the last six weeks.

I will be brief. We have kicked of a symposium on a Catholic evaluation of our political engagement post 2012. Tom Storck started off the discussion today at Ethika Politikahttp://www.cfmpl.org/blog/2012/11/08/what-now/

Professor John Medaille will discuss a return to localism and Professor Thaddeus Kozinski will join us on politics and pluralism. We are also lining up another author to discuss subsidiarity and solidarity and one more to discuss Tocquiville and Catholic culture.

Finally, we are also going to invite a priest to discuss the Parish Life and American Cultural EngageThis is leading up to a year-long expositon on CST we will be beginning on 1/1/2013, to help people of good will read through the Compendium on Social Teaching in a 2013 (Our project is similar to the Year of Faith, reading the catechism in a year).

I’m seeing other good stuff happening, whihc I will be plugging when I can.  I think lots of people on the right are doing the wise thing and using their time in the desert as it should be used, for productive prayer and reflection.  The ones I’m hearing from are way smarter than me.


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