Liberal leader accuses pro-life MP

of breaking the law for Diamond Jubilee medal awards.

What? Prolifers honored for saving innocent lives when they have been imprisoned by Leviathan? Perish the thought! Wait till Rae finds out they give Nobel Prizes out to jailbirds like this and this.

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  • It is difficult to know what law Rae thinks he broke. That this action might indirectly encourage others is pretty lame. You need to encourage a specific person to perform a specific illegal act. He didn’t do that. Even if he did it would be highly unusual to arrest a politician for praising protesters. It would be highly unusual and highly dangerous from a free speech perspective. Should every environmentalist that praises an illegal Greenpeace protest be arrested? Not anyone who praises the illegal act itself but even those who praise the spirit of the protest? Is that what free speech is all about.

    I am not thrilled about the tactics of these women. I don’t like the laws limiting free speech near abortion clinics. Still I don’t think breaking those laws is the way to go. But given the fact that they do this over and over again and are willing to peacefully submit to arrest and imprisonment that shows a zeal that should be honored. I am pleased to see them getting this honor.

  • We have a 20-or-so party system up here. The reigning Conservatives – hear no evil party (163 seats); the opposition New Democrats – evil is good party (100 seats); the has-been Liberal – we know what’s best so we imposed unrestrained abortion and gay marriage on you, BTW Trudeau is god party), and the other – my pet is good parties (8 seats)

    In 2008 the Canadian “Crown” bestowed what is called our “highest honor” on a mass murderer who was also a jail bird for his cause.

    Liberal leader Stéphane Dion said the award should be respected and celebrated….

    The Conservatives (hear no evil) pointed away saying it was the crown’s doing – we are not involved.

  • Tom R

    Rather rich from Mr Rae given that, back when abortion was illegal in the US, Canada, and Australia, abortionists like Bernard Nathanson (as he then was), Henry Morgentaler and Bertram Wainer simply ignored the law and carried out terminations anyway. Oh, but _lives_ were at stake, you see! That’s a higher law than pieces of paper churned out by a legislature!
    Canada: where Karla Homolka walks free, but pro-life sidewalk counsellors are locked away as threats to society.

  • Tom R

    By the way, Morgentaler eventually got an Order of Canada, although that was after abortion was legalised. It was legalised by the Supreme Court of Canada, so in theory the decision was retrospective (ie, “we construe the existing law to find that abortion is not, and was not previously, illegal”, as opposed to a legislature enacting that “of and from this day forward, abortion shall no longer be illegal”). But since the 1984 decision was based on the 1982 Charter of Rights, it did not retrospectively legalise the numerous abortions Morgentaler had performed before 1982. Wonder what Bob Rae thinks of giving an Order of Canada to a professed law-breaker?

  • Pat

    Bob Rae isn’t exactly an neutral observer on this issue. He was premier of Ontario in 1994 when his NDP government that brought in the “temporary” injunction that’s been putting Linda and others in jail all these years. The injunction is his baby (no pun intended) and he’s an abortion extremist now just as he was then.