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The day is coming when the Church will be vilified for opposing, not covering up, pedophilia.

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  • Ed Pie

    This is so out there that, despite how profoundly evil the idea of virtual child porn is, it really makes me wonder how many people (especially in positions of influence)really just have no idea how the world works or how to do their jobs. Has none of the proponents of this even made a cursory study of the similarities between drug use and pornography use? In both cases, usage tends to escalate to achieve the same effect. I wonder how many pedophiles became predators because they told themselves they weren’t responsible for their thoughts and went on entertaining fantasies until all resistance to acting them out was eroded away.

    But then again, it’s Amsterdam. Maybe they’re just being provocative, or they think it’s an experiment worth trying.

  • NoahLuck

    Without a timescale (e.g. “before 2050AD”) it’s an unfalsifiable prediction, and so basically meaningless.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Absolutely! Only falsifiable predictions have any meaning!

      Of course, since your comment is neither falsifiable nor a prediction…

  • Sean O

    Prediction whiles wes at it.

    Within 1 or 2 pres election cycles, the Republicans will bring their pro-life platform plank into harmony with their actions & true feelings. The R’s will drop the pro-life plank.

    Not particularly important as they aren’t really pro-life anyway. It may hopefully clear up the delusion they are for many uncritical thinkers.