Rowan Atkinson Wants You to Call Him an Ugly Git

…and I love him for it:

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  • Will

    But does he have a CUNNING PLAN for it?

    • So cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel!

    • While I’m at it, may I recommend “Dish and Dishonesty” for one’s post-election viewing? It’s streaming on Netflix.

      • B.E. Ward

        “And hello, Colin….”

  • He may be ugly, but at least he’s not as ugly as Mark Shea.

    Man, Shea so ugly, my browser refuses to load his picture.

    • Whatever, your momma so ugly, google Earth blacks out her house.

      • Your momma so fat, you NEED google Earth just to see her.

        • Guys, come on. We all know “your momma” jokes were banned at Vatican 2.49 and by this obscure catechism that only I remember.

          • Shut it. You’re just a bad catholic, you make Marc Barnes look like the pope.

            • At least I ain’t a heathen protestant. Why don’t you have a drink sometime, then your jokes might actually be funny.

              • His jokes are so unfunny, God took one look at them and said, “I can’t make enough beer.”

  • Ted Seeber