The Police State Grows

Here in the Soviet of Washington, we now have drones patrolling the population.

The general pattern has been that the Ruling Class tries out on foreigners what it then gets around to using on us. Indefinite detention and murder have been used against the foreigner. Now the God King (and the rest of the Ruling Class) are claiming the power to use it against citizens. It’s just a matter of time till they start to sell the use of drone strikes on our own soil since, to paraphrase Uncle Billy, not every heel is in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And once Romney is Prez, torture will be back on the table too–for use against citizens as well as foreigners.

It’s the prolife thing to do, doncha know.

And (till Obama is gone) it’s also the enlightened progressive thing. Once Romney is Prez, the Left will pretend to care again. Better a pretense than nothing, I guess.

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  • On the other hand, four more years of Obama might just be enough to make the anti-war, anti-drone, anti-totalitarian movement crop up in real numbers on the conservative side of the aisle. I see more and more conservative folks decrying the bellicosity of both Obama and Bush these days.

    Could it be that Obama is making it cool to be pro-peace on the Right, the way he’s made it uncool on the Left?

  • Jeff

    Holy smoke! Reminds me of the old Judas Priest song, “Electric Eye.” Here’s the first verse.

    Up here in space
    I’m looking down on you.
    My lasers trace
    Everything you do.
    You think you’ve private lives
    Think nothing of the kind.
    There is no true escape
    I’m watching all the time.
    I’m made of metal
    My circuits gleam.
    I am perpetual
    I keep the country clean.
    I’m elected electric spy
    I’m protected electric eye.

  • bob cratchit

    They’re keeping an eye on Mark. For upsetting the proletariat.

  • Ted Seeber

    Please tell me that Seattle PD is at least not stupid enough to spend more than $300 each on these: