Drone Manufacturers Want to Expand Market

to keeping an eye on you, whether you want it or not.  Now we just need to get rid of that pesky 4th Amendment.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    But, Mark… Think of all the jobs their manufacture would create! NOT

  • Carbon Monoxide

    Ah…a possible investment opportunity! Will it out perform gold and silver?

  • Those amendments are hard to keep track of. It seems like good people talk about 1, 4, 5, 6, and 8, but bad people talk about 2, 9, and 10. It’s nice we can all agree about number 3 and 7.

  • You’re misreading what is going on. The government already can fly drones as desired. This is to legalize everybody else flying drones.

  • Marthe Lépine

    That gives me an idea – after reading what the NRA had to say today. How about a drone over every school?

  • tz

    In public, the 4th amendment doesn’t apply. Note that police trying to seize cameras from citizens showing them beating the tar out of a citizen for not submitting to their orders have found this out.

    But just think, if there were a drone at that school in Newton, someone would have noticed the gunman and the police would have been there before a single child was killed. We need school-drones. And constant surveillance inside to get the kids used to it. Even in the restrooms. After all, we all trust the TSA to porn-scan and rub our privates in the name of security. Shouldn’t the scanner cronies get more federal dollars for a scanner at every school?

    I don’t know what you are worried about. You are like those silly 2nd amendment gun lobby people who are concerned about knee-jerk laws. Isn’t keeping our children safe from – whatever – important to you? If filling the skies with two thousand (minus 16) surveillance drones would save even one life we must accept it! Think of the children! And what about speeders and DUI? Armed drones! Blow them up from the sky over video! Then you won’t have to worry about a search warrant as you would already have executed a death-warrant.

    If the 4th amendment kills more than the 2nd, we need to get rid of the few final shreds left (we already have national security letters and warrantless wiretaps, the only thing left is the emanations and penumbras that protect contraception and abortion anyway).

    Have SWAT go house to house and rip out every board, shred every piece of furniture looking for guns, drugs, money (which must be laundered) to seize! Won’t we all be safer? Don’t be irrational! We need to have a discussion on this. Cost-benefit. It isn’t as if there are any intrinsic, inalienable, God-given rights, except one – not to be forced to pay for contraception.

    • The technology doesn’t actually work that way. What we’ll get are municipal drones, possibly airships that are communications and observation platforms. But those are pretty much legal right now. They’re just too expensive for the benefit provided. The private drones legalized by this will be used for observation tasks like mapping because they’re cheaper than the manned planes we use now. You might have some sousveillance planes after the napping municipal workers and other such things but it’s going to be a rare case of vendetta where drones are going to be abused as you worry. Right now there *is* no solution for vendetta.