Pope Warns…

Attention Decadent West:  You are now entering a major “What could it hurt?” phase of history.  You will soon be experiencing the “How were we supposed to know?” phase.  Don’t be surprised if you civilization does not survive it.  God is not mocked.  Screw around with the family and you risk civilizational destruction.

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  • I have to disagree with the Pope to this extent. No, it’s not obvious. By the time you have to say this once, you are dealing with a population in deep denial and in desperate need of rescue. We in the West need you to stand up and say it. What you are doing is great, keep it up. Don’t assume that a one time shot will turn the tide.

    This isn’t just the Pope’s job. It’s all of our jobs.

    • Re:

      “The profound falsehood of this theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious,” he said.

      I wonder if it’s a translation issue. Certainly, it’s not obvious to those who have drunk the “gender-identity” kool-aid. But it is self-evident from the basic definitions of the terms.

      That said, you’re absolutely correct that we each must do our piece to overcome the distorted thinking of our current culture, and to restore a culture that recognizes reality.

      • I think the problem might be that the Pope’s just scary smart.

  • Bill bannon

    Civilizations that offend God can end organically by the nature of what they are doing wrong (possibly Mexico) but not always. Sodom was affluent not decrepit economically (see Ezekiel 16:49-50). God ended her by an exogenous event…Fire from above. Good groups can suffer materially too from you know who. Satan brought lightning against Job’s sheep and shepherds apparently imitating the Sodom event ( Job 1:16)…and he killed Job’s young relatives with a wind storm in Job 1:19. So on the material level, both the good and the evil can suffer for being who they are. The Pope then should rather warn about hell because things down here are unfair and perfectly fair in the afterlife where only the bad are punished. Here….both good and bad are punished but by different sources.

  • Janet O’Connor

    The Pope should rather warn about hell because things down here and perfectly fair in the afterlife where only the bad are punished. What the Pope was doing was directly addressing Christians but even non Christians and atheists and agnostics and even Freemasons who most probably do not believe in Heaven Hell Purgatory or even an afterlife. Yes you can disagree with his approach but this is the man now being called “the Pope of Reason” He is an intellectual who sees Faith as well as Reason having to go together. You can’t have any kind of Faith without logic or Reason. Stop trying to second guess him by saying what he “should” do or say. You are not in his shoes, meaning you are not the Pope. This Pope is trying to use Logic and Reason to teach everyone.

  • A. M.

    Well, the really sad thing is that previous popes have condemned pretty much everything the west is now gripped by. Unfortunately, who is bothering to tell the laypeople about why these things really are wrong, and the bad things they lead to even on a natural level, in this life?

    One of the wonderful things about the Catholic Faith is the joy of knowing that your religion actually does agree with truth/reality, because it IS true, and that knowledge of it can therefore be used to live the optimally good life even in this world, precisely because it is real. (Just as knowledge of any other part of reality, such as physics, enables us to “master” other elements of our world, insofar as we possibly can.) Not saying we’re going to get heaven on earth, because of course there is still sickness and death and such… but it certainly doesn’t make sense to go out of your way to mess up the bed you have to lie in, on purpose.

    Or to put it more simply, if you want to avoid problems with the product (in this case ourselves and our society), please see the instructions of the Manufacturer.