Simcha Fisher…

lays out boocoo opportunities to do works of mercy.

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  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    And then, there’s works of Mercy that don’t cost money:

    To pray sincerely for someone who has grieved, annoyed, or upset you.

    Instead of losing it with an out-of-line youngster, to swoop him or her up, to sit down with him on the couch and to say in quiet but firm tones, “my child, we need to talk . . .” and then talk calmly about what just happened.

    To an annoying colleague or underling, to smile, and to thank them appreciatively for some service even though that’s their job anyway.

    When both you and spouse are very tired, to jump up and hit the kitchen, the trash, the kiddos, allowing him or her to catch 15 mins of rest.

    To let someone with out-of-state tags merge into your lane that you’ve been waiting in for 10 minutes.

    To visit an elderly relative who doesn’t get out much, and to spend 15 minutes listening to them recite their aches and pains. To say over and over, “I’m sorry to hear it. I hope you’re feeling better soon.” Fifteen minutes and then hug hug kiss kiss great to see you we’ll have to do this again real soon, and bob’s you’re uncle, you’re out of there.

    To listen patiently.

    To forgive.

    To welcome.

    To acknowledge.

    To give way.

    To pray.