A Chestertonian Looks at the Recent Election

in the pages of Gilbert Magazine, and he is none other than our own combox regular, Sean P. Dailey.

Me: I’m still bitter about Dale Ahlquist and Gilbert getting all the glory for single-handedly electing Obama by refusing to vote for Romney or Obama, when everybody knows it was really I, with awesome power of my blog read by a piddling handful of Catholics, who *truly* turned the tide of the election by likewise voting for neither Romney nor Obama.

Is there any greater kingmaking power in American politics than Chestertonians?  I submit there is not!

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  • I thought Obama’s victory was my fault, because I refused to vote for either Obama or Romney, which is what I was frequently informed. Even though my state went to Obama by a margin of about 60%, it was still my fault.

  • ivan_the_mad

    “We believe in fighting for the good even if the battle is a losing one—and the odds in this fight do not look good.” That’s right! Christian soldiers know that they’ll have the final victory. None were promised between now and then. A great article from the best magazine out there!

  • Sorry, I am still unconvinced. I am Chestertonian. In fact, I argue that he must be considered a saint. My blog is dedicated to St.Thomas and Chesterton. I was a reader of Gilbert Magazine, I am not a subscriber now because I am living in another country.
    But, the Shea/Alhquist/Daily point of view seems odd to me. It remembers me the Donatism, those people who argued that every priest must be a saint. St. Augustine argued against them saying that The Church is made of sinners, and the grace comes from God.
    Maybe Shea, Alhquist or Daily voted for Chesterton, but nobody else.

    • Mark Shea

      Wasn’t looking for a saint. Just looking for somebody who did not want to implicate me in sins worthy of the everlasting fires of hell. As I said fifty billion times.

    • We weren’t looking for a saint either. Just a candidate who would not be a stooge of either Hudge or Gudge.

  • Sorry, for making you rewrite to your point of view again, but it is the subject of your post. And I am a kind of new reader of your beautiful blog.
    Everybody is a sinner, Shea, as you know. Politicians who are closer to power are especially likely to sin, there are immense opportunities to that, a lot of sycophants. But, thinking like this we will never vote, especially to US Presidents, the most powerful man in the world. We are not responsible for their sins, otherwise all Christians in Nero’s time would be hell, all Germans in Hitler’s times, all Russians in Lenin’s times, all Venezuelans today.

    But, please, if you can, tell me, you would vote for which candidate in American history?

    • Mark Shea

      We are responsible for our vote. I chose not to give it to anybody advocating grave intrinsic evil. That’s not a demand for sainthood. It’s a demand for bare minimum human decency.

    • Exactly. In addition to wanting a candidate who is not a stooge of either Hudge or Gudge, we prefer to reserve our support for candidates who do not advocate abortion, torture, unjust wars, and other grave intrinsic evils. Both Romney and Obama are supporters of all three of those things. And don’t tell me that Romney was a pro-life candidate. Paying lip-service to the pro-life cause to con Catholics and other pro-lifers into voting for you does not make him a pro-life candidate.

      • Stu

        Building upon that (and agreeing), there is another layer as well for the more practical-minded. The continued support by people for Romney, McCain, Bush, Dole & Bush only reinforce that demand signal. For the GOP establishment, unquestionable support for these guys on ensures you get more of the same.

        Voting for “what is right” is simply playing the “long game” and getting out of the 4-year mentality. By not supporting the GOP (and certainly not the Democrat party), they will either get the message and change or a credible third party will develop. It’s time to start looking at this strategically and not tactically.

  • obpoet

    A few votes here for someone other than Obama and Romney, a few votes there, a few that didn’t bother to vote at all, and pretty soon you are talking about a completely different election outcome.

    • Mark Shea

      My suggestion: instead of spending all your energy hectoring people of conscience into eating the crap sandwich of a Romney candidacy, next time nominate something besides a crap sandwich.