A Marine writes…

Good freaking grief!

We’ve been at war for ten freaking years, with our ruling class treating our military, as Mark says, like cement to be shoveled around the world at will. What do they expect?

We are ruled by a criminal class of vampires who suck the life out of these good men and women and think only of their portfolios. They will be lucky beyond their deserts if the troops they crap on do not one day decide that their loyalties lie toward their countrymen and not to a vampire class with no loyalty to country that sees the rest of us as a herd of cattle to be butchered and eaten whenever their tongues within their wobbling jowels feel peckish. Our troops are only flesh and blood. You cannot use them and their families as tools forever, Caesar.

"Not for the Trump Administration*"

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  • TheRealAaron

    It says that the testing will happen at the Camp Pendleton base. I know from a friend in the Army that military members aren’t allowed to drink while they’re serving in combat zones. Is it normal to not allow drinking at American bases?

    • Dan Berger

      Back when I was in, bases had their own bars.
      I’m assuming that the testing is to be done only at times when the Marine is on duty. But the citation of “rape while plastered” seems to indicate that it will be done any time all. Or is it only when deployed to combat zones? The article just isn’t very clear at all.
      I’m strongly in favor of a more relaxed system: no penalties at all for drinking, but draconian penalties for being unfit for duty.

  • This is how we’ve always dealt with surplus manpower after war. The buckle shiners with few combat skills get killed too often at the start of a war and we then quickly prioritize combat skills. When we are gearing to reduce our armed forces at the end of a conflict we prioritize the skills the buckle shiners are good at and drum out the combat skills people. We keep enough of the combat people around so that when the next war happens we have a base of really ordered combat skilled to form a training cadre and hold the line until we gear up a large army.

    This is a model that really started to gain steam at the Civil War with the underperformance of the militias and worked well in the industrial age. It was never a nice system but we do it better than anybody else in the world and it’s a key reason why the US governing model has out-survived most of its 19th century competitors. The model is breaking down and likely will entirely end with the advent of holodeck like facilities and skills badging which is likely to create the necessary floating cadre without much taxpayer expense sometime in the next half-century.

    The real tragedy is that the military is at war while society is not. The military knows it must both reduce manpower in anticipation of budget cuts to come and continue to prosecute a peculiar sort of war, a non-Westphalian one that the political class, by a narrow majority, has decided doesn’t actually exist. That is the grindstone wearing down our military, a political dispute ruled by PC where we refuse to honestly lay out the problem that has caused a crisis that the military is addressing. Instead we’re normalizing it, a very bad state of affairs.

  • Stu

    Navy is doing the same nonsense (though a bit differently). The Secretary of the Navy announced it during the homecoming of a group of ships that had been deployed for about a year which is even long by Navy standards. He also spoke about the need to concentrate on preventing sexual assault.

    Great message to the returning crew.

    “Welcome home from a long deployment you alcoholic rapists.”

    This from a guy who also lists one of the Navy priorities as promoting biofuels. One of our last Chiefs of Naval Operations had similarly remarked that the mission of the Navy was diversity.

    Kind of crap that made it easy for me to retire from Active Duty last August.

  • Patrick

    Help me out here: according to the article, they’re going to be randomly tested, and any Marine who blows over .01% – .01%! – that’s under a beer’s worth of alcohol – is going to be referred to counseling. Will they test randomly on a Friday night? How about during Monday Night Football? Sheesh.

    To keep track: ok to a torture a guy; totally evil to drink some beers. Why can’t the world go back to the way it was when I was a kid?