Bill Clinton: Father of the Year

Bill. Clinton: Father. of. the. Year.
Bill Clinton: Father of the Year
Bill Clinton: Father of the Year
Bill? Clinton?: Father of the Year?
Bill Clinton: Father of the Year.

My cynicismometer just made a sharp popping sound and emitted a flash of sparks. Now it’s gone dark and single thin plume of acrid smoke is streaming out of it.

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    I saw this yesterday. Father of the Year. By the National Father’s Day Council. Makes me not even want to celebrate Father’s Day.

    My head a-splode.

  • There’s nothing surprising about it. A recent poll had the Clintons as the most popular politicians in America. As the press pretty much covers them 100% positive, it shouldn’t be shocking that they would start gobbling up all kinds of awards and accolades.

  • victor

    Well, he does like it when you call him “Daddy”. They gave the same recognition to John Edwards in 2007, I believe, so that should tell you something about their organization.

    • Mark Shea

      Looking over their long history, it appears that fame+$$+power+kid+pulse=Father of the Year

      • Alexander Anderson

        What, you expect something from fatherhood besides back, connections, and leverage? What are you, middle class or something?

      • Alexander Anderson

        That last comment was supposed to say *bank. Stupid autocorrect is stupid.

  • He deserves this award about as much as Obama deserved the Noble Peace Prize or W. deserves to be inducted into Mensa.

    • DTMcCameron

      Yeah, but, see, so far as I can tell, he wasn’t, and they did.

  • Veronica

    Well, it doesn’t surprise me THAT much. Since the media regards fatherhood as mostly irrelevant, it makes sense they would pick somebody like Bill Clinton as an icon of it.

    • Yeah. I keep saying they should just cancel Father’s Day and stop pretending fathers count for anything for even one day a year.

  • Bill

    I thought it was called parent 2 day now.

  • Martin T

    What kind of homophobic title is, “Father of the Year” anyway?

  • astorian

    Though I have little use for Bill Clinton, I don’t automatically scoff at the idea that he might be a great Dad. He sure SEEMED to adore Chelsea, and vice versa. It’s entirely possible that he was a much better husband than he was a father or President.

    My objection is not to Clinton or any other famous individual being saluted as Father of the Year. Rather, I object to the idea of hailing ANY celebrity as a Father (or Husband or Christian or…) of the Year, because the simple fact is, WE DON’T KNOW THESE PEOPLE! We have no basis for judging them except superficial impressions.

    I have no business honoring OR demonizing any celebrity because I can’t possibly know what’s in his heart or how he deals with the important people in his life. That does for celebrities and politicians I ADMIRE as well as for those I dislike.

    Ron Guidry is my favorite athlete of all time. He always SEEMED like a wonderful guy and a good family man. But IS he? How the heck would I know? I CAN’T know, which means I’d never have the audacity to give him a Husband/Father of the Year award.

    When I see Bill Clinton saluted as Father of the Year, I don’t scoff, “That’s ridiculous.” I scoff, “Says who? How do you know?”

    • Cindy Coleman

      Please, DO SCOFF at the idea of Bill Clinton as “Father of the Year”. Please think about the pain, stress, embarassment, etc, etc, etc, etc, (fill in many more blanks), that Chelsea suffered as a result of Bill Clinton’s infidelity and disrespect for her mother and their family unit. Any man who puts his family through that, whose only sincere regret seemed to be in being caught–how can he be called father of the year? (Though the rest of your scoffing I heartily concur with also.)

    • Dave Clarke

      Some father he was … taught his child that everything was to be lied about and scammed to get whatever he could get for doing nothing. His daughter really should be proud to have such a scum bag as a father.