How Fun to Have a Kid Who is an Artist…

If you are looking for a good graphic artist and/or animator, you should hire him.

Here’s another bit of stuff he’s been experimenting with, stop motion photography (from our trip to the Field Museum when we were in Chicago for Cow and Claire’s wedding):

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  • Tim Jones

    I can hear your irony-challenged readers in paroxysms of outrage, “SEE? And he criticizes others about their personality cults!”

    • Mark Shea

      Yeah. I’m actually thinking about urging Luke to put out some tshirts and coffee mug bric a brac with various quotes on the back like “The Cult of Personality is Poison.” (Sayings of Chairman Shea 1:1)

  • Dave Kjeldgaard

    VII like the T-shirt idea

    • Dave Kjeldgaard

      Supposed to be ” I like the T-shirt idea”

      • Bad MF

        I thought maybe you were using the royal “we”.

  • Marthe Lépine

    Very good animation.

  • Loud

    yay, more lucy the cuteness!

  • victor

    The t-shirt is awesome and I really liked the video. At first I was in the Dinosaur Matrix, but then I was having a fever dream while Sesame Street was on. At first I thought the juxtapositioning of those two things would prove too jarring, but with Cole’s piano there to act as the suspension line holding up the bridge between them, the two motifs in this piece really gelled for me.

    • Thanks very much, Victor! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was worried it might be too jarring, but by the time I started editing this, I had been home for months. Too late for additional footage.

      It’s actually kind of freeing, because the limitations force me to make decisions outside my usual habits. I end up with things that are a little more unusual and interesting than I might have come up with if I had my way 100% of the time. It’s the difference between sculpting and woodcarving. I have to dig around and find a theme and a shape inherent to the resources in front of me, rather than building to a predetermined goal. Of course, it’s all stuff I shot, too, so the puzzle pieces are guaranteed to be things I’m interested in.

    • KML

      Yeah, the jazzy Rachmaninoff was a great choice – perfect blending of old and new. Really enjoyed this!

  • Katie in FL

    That was very cool and loved the music too. I hope some Very Large barf bags were available for those dinosaurs in case they got motion sickness.

  • JimPV

    That’s a winning t-shirt design if I’ve ever seen one…!

  • Luke’s video is like my worst, worst nightmare. Sorry, couldn’t watch the whole thing… dinosaurs + museums = the ultimate scary situation for my overactive imagination. Enjoyed the Che-ification!

  • David Kjeldgaard

    I keep checking to see if the T shirts are available yet, guess not – bummer.