Yes, that is a puzzlement, ain’t it?

Yes, that is a puzzlement, ain’t it? January 31, 2013

Yesterday, there was a troll here explaining the normal sexual wisdom of the America 2013. Chastity is totalitarian. Totalitarian regimes hate sex and the proof of that is Nazis encouraging childbirth, and so childbirth is Nazism and something something Stalin and North Korea. Everybody must stay out of my bedroom and everybody must pay for whatever I want to do there. Religion oppresses and controls women and the Catholic ladies here who are criticizing birth control must step aside, not bother their pretty little heads with matters they don’t understand, and let an enlightened man do their thinking for them on this. Maybe they can go bake cookies or something while he holds forth on the beauty of sex untrammeled by commitment or babies.

The whole “Catholics hate and fear the Light” thing, when it comes to “results of our postmodern sexual ethos” is a real non-starter. Nobody is more invested in darkness and ignorance than the pro-abort brigade. From not being able to bear facing the horror of what abortion does, to smacking down parental notification laws, to trying to crush the free speech of prolife advocates, to trying to stop ultrasounds, the pro-abort contingent is a giant machine dedicated to ignorance and the shutting of eyes, ears, and minds.

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