How Things Work in the World of Discernment-Free Conservative Folk Hero Worship

If a priest is a Sacrosanct Cult Figure who misbehaves, then the screams are “Touch not God’s Anointed!” If, however, the Sacrosanct Cult Figure is a lay Real Catholic blowhard who spends *virtually all* his time bashing bishops (who are, you may recall, priests too), then we are to understand that any questioning of his demagogic methods is an attempt to crush a Prophetic Voice who is bravely speaking truth to corrupt power.

If you are a visual learner, Tom Kreitzberg provides this useful graphic:

So when Fr. Corapi betrays his vows and tries to grift his flock after a decade of lying about his military exploits (among other fabulisms), any attempt to point this out is an Assault on a Holy Priest by a layman who is not worthy to untie his sandals.

But when Michael Voris accuses Fr. Corapi’s bishop (and a nameless and numberless host of other bishops) of being part of a shadowy gay cabal bent on destroying Fr. Corapi, that’s not attacking God’s Anointed. That’s courageously speaking truth to power and confronting those wolves in shepherd’s clothing who have betrayed the Faith!

Some of my readers think that the point of posts like this is to be mean and pick on Corapi and Voris.

No. It’s to try to get Discernment-Free Conservative Folk Hero Worshippers to get a clue about the folly of their Folk Hero Worship and its highly selective and inconsistent approach to tribal loyalties.

Suggestion:  Pray even for Thems.  Exercise discernment even with Us’ns.

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  • Crisler

    More bile. Hope you spend a lot of time in confession.

    • Brandon Jaloway

      Yeah! Lots and lots of time in confession! The more time the better! In fact, all your time! LOL, funny, because confession does not take that long! Even standing in line for confession does not take that long!

  • Crisler

    By the way, a taste of your own medicine might do you some good.

  • Ah, the subtle art of not getting the point.

  • “joe”

    another tale from my old days on catholic blogs. a number of us thought that a certain priest, a pederast (for such he was), really should be haled up on charges. one poster asked us why we hated the church. when the evidence became overwhelming, this poster posted, quote, “hallelujah! the lord is cleansing his church!!!” no irony in there.

  • bob cratchit

    I’ve heard more subtle chalk board scratches.

  • Esther

    “If, however, the Sacrosanct Cult Figure is a lay Real Catholic blowhard who spends *virtually all* his time bashing bishops.” – Um, I’m guessing “bashing the bishop” doesn’t mean the same thing in America as it does over here. Because, if it does, you REALLY shouldn’t have said that.

    • Mark Shea

      Correct. Different slang. Also, “pissed” means “angry”, not “drunk” in Americanese.