People I can do without, who never would be missed

People who email me crap like this, for instance:

Pathological altruism* probably occurs more in white females, as autism occurs more in white males.  Nonetheless, I’ve noticed for a long time many religious fundamentalist males tend to be beta male pathological altruists.  You can just tell by looking at them; they have that effeminate, dopey look.  But instead of dreading their affliction, they tend to promote it with a tacky self-righteousness.

Exhibit A:

Pathological altruist Sam Brownback thinks that white people should forsake their own inclusive fitness (not have white babies) and instead adopt Chinese girls and that and white South Africans, well, they should just die:

This is the world we live in, folks!

When I told this racist jerk to buzz off, he declared me a “libtard”.  Class with a capital KKK.

Meanwhile, a member of the Cult of Voris writes to deliver his diagnosis of my true motivations and character in noting that Voris sows the seed of factionalism wherever he goes and surrounds himself with a cult of personality that habitually attacks faithful Catholics (Vigneron, Mulvey, the Knights of Columbus, Fisher, people who take communion in the hand, EWTN, The Register, CNA) and insinuate or outright says they are enemies of the Faith:

I am left to assume you are fighting a right to life Catholic because you are a socialist who has confused Jesus’ teaching with big government handouts.

O Reader, speak no more: 
Thou turn’st mine eyes into my very soul; 
And there I see such black and grained spots 

As will not leave their tinct.

Honestly, I did not pay the reader to write me in order to illustrate my point.  He thought it all up himself.

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