Georgia Lawmaker Invites Entire Universe to Make Fun of Him Online

Announces complete ignorance of first amendment–as well as fact he is a petty and censorious tyrant–by pouting “No one has a right to make fun of anyone” and trying to outlaw vulgar photoshopping.

He and his face shall become internet memes for all eternity in punishment for his brain-dead Soviet hubris.

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  • Stalin was a Georgia lawmaker too. Just sayin’.

  • Perhaps it’s because we’ve lost all sense of common decency that folks think the only recourse is going for the legal solution.

    • Blog Goliard


      As the article goes on to say: “‘This is about being vulgar,’ he told Fox News. ‘We’re becoming a nation of vulgar people.'”

      He’s right about the problem; wrong about the solution; dangerously ignorant about the basic principles of our form of government and the liberties protected thereunder. Unfortunately, the latter two items will ensure that the former point is not only subsumed, but vociferously denied by all wishing to exhibit themselves as sophisticated people.

      (The article linked is itself an example, as it happily mocks the idea that pictures of “porn stars” might be considered a bad thing by any intelligent person…at least, so long as the “star” is young and attractive.)

      • And if the article said, “‘This is about being vulgar,’ he told Fox,” it would be an article about pretty much every Fox show ever.

        • Mark Hartman

          Not to mention the CW, NBC, CBS, and ABC, plus HBO, Showtime, etc., etc. The problem with showing things “as they are” is that people tend to adopt what they see as the ideal, and accept that they cannot but fall short of that standard. Failing to show a higher standard than “things as they are” on television will inevitably lead to things getting worse.

  • Lizzie

    Don’t put it past these people to try. If there is anything a politician cannot stand it is a good mocking. They’ll just use copyright law. “Hey that’s Joe Blow’s photo of my head and you didn’t have his permission to paste on the body of that ass.”

  • Subsistent

    Vulgarity? ’Twas ever thus. I understand that it was the vulgarity and obscenity of the lyrics with which Union soldiers were singing “John Brown’s Body” which triggered a pious lady to compose as an antidote the standard rather elevated lyrics of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. And the obscenely scatologic carvings of Jews on some medieval churches in Germany witness the same ’twas-ever-thus fact. (Even the Biblic King David was minded to kill “every man that pisseth against the wall” of a certain tribe that had raised his ire, until Abigail persuaded him otherwise, right?)

  • Foreign national

    He does have a point. The quality of output from US culture suggests that renaming your nation, “Vulgaria” would not be inappropriate.