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Those of you from an Evangelical background will wince with recognition at this very perceptive site dedicated to the foibles, shibboleths, code words, and cultural identifiers of Real[TM] Christian culture as understood among American Evangelicals c. 2007-2013. The author is a preacher’s kid who has been around the block and represents where Emergents are pretty accurately too. (Emergents are Evangelicals in reaction to whatever it was Mom and Dad loved and hated. They remain followers of Jesus, but many of the polarities have been reversed in the reaction: so Mary, Rosaries, and Catholic spirituality are hip and cool and mysterious, but what’s the big deal about gay marriage and why do we all have to be Republicans who download our brains from FOX?) It represents both an opportunity and a challenge to Catholics who want to bear witness to the Faith, in n6o small part because many conservative Catholics get much of their politics and social thought from Mom and Dad Evangelical or from the same media sources and political tribal watering holes they do, but get their theology from older converts who have spent most of their time arguing about the Catholic faith with Mom and Dad Evangelical, not with their kids who are asking very different questions and don’t have huge commitments to things like sola scriptura or sola fide. If you want to know where These Kids Today are coming from on the Evangelical side of the aisle so you can speak to them out of the Tradition, Stuff Christians Like is a good blog to start at. Plus, it’s hilarious.

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