B16 resigns.

Wow. Just wow. Fascinating.

No big thoughts. Just…. wow. I wonder what happens next. I’ll miss him. A fine man.

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  • My wife came running in to tell me this morning. Still taking it in. Listened to Catholic radio going in today, tried to avoid the media stories. I’ll listen to their take later.

  • InsaneSanity

    Will “Peter the Roman” fulfill St. Malachy’s prophesy? Hmmmmm…..

    • Chris

      You mean Cardinal Peter Turkson? 😉

      • No, it will be Peter Erdo! lol I really do think Erdo and Turkson have as good of a chance of anyone though, as they are both dynamic, vigorous and relatively young. The apocalyptic speculation will go through the roof if one of them is elected.

  • Kirt Higdon

    God bless Pope Benedict and guide our Cardinals as they choose his successor. I’ll miss him too. This could not have been an easy decision.

  • Chris

    The Church carries on. Whoever is elected, the Holy Spirit will protect the faith, and that’s the greatest comfort. Need to be reminded that the Pope is picked by fallible men who may or may not yield to the Holy Spirit. But whoever it is, it’s all good.

  • dpt

    Interesting, though could not help but recall there were “signs” of this coming.
    Listening to and reading works by Pope Benedict XVI, I am impressed and see him as a gentle teacher.

  • ivan_the_mad

    What a good and holy man! I am praying for him.

  • May God grant peace and rest to our wonderful “German Shepherd”. He ran the race well.

    And if it’s not too soon to wish: “Dolan 2013″…

    • I was wishing for that too! I’m not up on the scuttlebutt, is it at all a possibility?

      • TheRealAaron

        Probably not. “Everyone says” an American will never be elected pope. God tends to take what “everyone says” and do what He wants anyway, but I think “everyone” is probably right on this one.

        • TheRealAaron

          I should add… I’m hoping for it anyway. I live in Milwaukee, and I’ve met him a handful of times. I’d be excited beyond belief if he were elected.

          • Yes, Dolan would give a whole new meaning to “peripatetic” as Pope. (I’ll actually be amazed if anyone can get him to sit still for a whole conclave).

            One thing is that the cardinals who heard him talk in Rome about the New Evangelization really liked him. So anything is possible.

  • Mark Gordon

    When I came into the Church, my mom, an Assemblies of God minister, asked me, “How can you trust the pope?” I told her I don’t trust the pope as far as I can throw him! I trust the Holy Spirit working in and through the Petrine office. We’ve been fortunate in the past century to have a remarkable succession of good and even saintly men ascend to the Chair of Peter. There’s no guarantee that will continue, of course, but in any case the Holy Spirit will direct the Church, “and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.” Viva il Papa!

  • Bad MF

    Please don’t get too wrapped up in the “Peter the Roman” stuff. The interpretations of the prophecy were clear that there could be many popes between the “Glory of the Olive” and “Peter the Roman”. We know neither the day nor the hour, as Harold Camping publicly relearned a couple of years ago.

    • Will

      And I just can’t see “Gloria Olivae”… he is not an Olivetan (or even a monk), does not come from olive country, and does not have olive branches in his arms.

      • Bad MF

        Maybe once he gets a chance to sit still he will start to sprout. Or maybe he will lend his face to the label of delicious olive products.

        • Will

          Take that man out and GAFIATE him!

          • Bad MF

            And into his chair another novate!

      • It was thought beforehand that the Pope “Gloria Olivae” would be a Benedictine, due to the fact that the Benedictine crest contains an olive branch. He wasn’t, but then he took the name Benedict. So I guess it works, albeit not that impressively.

      • Bad MF

        Homer Simpson voice: Mmmmm…Glorious Olives…

  • Will

    I am still hoping for Arinze. Imagine… “The ‘Black Pope’ meets the black Pope.”

    • Well, Turkson is black too, and would be a much more likely choice, due to Arinze’s age.

      • Rosemarie


        Yeah, Arinze is great but he’s too old. Just turned 80, I think. An African or otherwise non-white pope would be wonderful, though. It would reflect the fact that we’re a universal Church.

  • thomas tucker

    I like that there can still be surprises in this day and age. OTOH, after seeing him in Rome in Ocotber, I am not really that surprised- he is looking very frail, and the cameras don’t catch it like being there in person. Despite his age, he recognizes that the modern world needs a more vigorous man as Pope. I like that, even though I wish he had more time to continue to mold the proper interpretation of Vatican II.

  • thomas tucker

    In fact, I think he sees what’s coming for him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he dies this year or the next, God bless him. He was looking seriously frail and infirm in Ocotber and I remember wondering if his time was very limited. May God support him.

    • S. Murphy

      He also has an 89 year old brother — if he ends up in a long hospital stay, it’s a lot eaier for a private citizen to visit, than to work through head of state protocol. God bless them both, in any case.

      • kmk

        I hope they have a few years left together, reading, writing and contemplating in beautiful Bayern. God bless them both!

  • Tom McDonald had the best reflection on this, this morning. My own feeling is: he’s 85 years old and hasn’t had a day off in at least 8 years. If the man wants to retire, let him. Given the kind of man JPII was, it’s obvious that the only way he was going to be leaving the job was feet-first, but Benedict is a different man.

    And, I have to admit, I am thrilled at the prospect of having a Pope B17!

    • Marty Helgesen

      The B-17 Flying Fortess was a major American heavy bomber during World War II.

      • Hmmm. B17. Heavy… American… ZOMG! 😀

      • Will

        The B17… targeting weapons of Mass destruction.

    • “Please, mister, please! Don’t choose B-17…” (Sorry – flashback to ultra-cheesy 70s music).

  • Andrew

    I’m happy that Benedict made this decision. This was a grow-up move made by a humble man who sees that the day-to-day stewardship of the Church rests far above his needs and position.

    However, the Church is in dire need of change and not the sort of change many in the American church wants but what need to occur. American Catholics need to remember we are a tiny fraction of the global church although we have done it much damage.

    Benedict once said as a cardinal that he would prefer 600 million active and engaged Catholics than 1 billion lukewarm if not dissenting Catholics. Much of the western church has become Protestantized with markedly liberal if not libertine interpretations of Church teaching. The American church tolerated if not covered up decades of pervert priests such as what was revealed about the L.A. archdiocese. Catholics of high influence such as many U.S. politicians whom support teachings such as abortion which are so outside the pale from Christian teaching are tolerated, including pro-torture/endless war on the right side of the camp. Due to decades of poor catechesis, either by liberal laity or religious orders hostile to Church teachings most of the laity in the west have almost no idea of the faith they practice, if they practice at all.

    Hopefully, the conclave will elect an African or Asian pope. Churches in these countries are strong, orthodox yet well familiar with the challenges faced by laity in complex and difficult circumstances. While the west shouldn’t be written off, the American and European churches have a decision to make whether or not they wish to be fully Catholic or a milquetoast community of secularists and watered-down believers.

    To be a Christian is to be a believer in Christ and promoter of the Gospel, even if the society you live in is so antithetical to this viewpoint. The western Churches have pretty much failed in this regard. Time for the baton to pass to someone else.

  • He gave this rad trad one less reason to be angry.

    Seriously, Benedict was elected just a few days after I was baptized and confirmed for RCIA. I will miss him.

  • The Deuce

    Wow! I’m not a Catholic, but I will certainly be praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance over the Church and your bishops as they choose the next Pope!

  • Rosemarie


    God bless him, he’s been a wonderful shepherd. I guess we’ll get to see the white smoke ascend again soon… and this time without the sadness of a pope’s death beforehand.

  • Margaret Catherine

    “Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age…” but never again exactly in the way He was present to us through the person and papacy of Benedict. God be with him, and grant him many years yet to come!