76 Cliches You Should Avoid…

…wait for it….





…wait for it…






Hey!  WaPo!  Here’s three more: Vatican Cracks Down on Devout Catholic Bus Plunges

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  • Ed the Roman

    I kill you now.

    • Mark Shea

      I regret nothing.

  • Robert

    Needless to say, that is a dizzying array of off-cited cliches. Be that as it may, whether the list is complete remains to be seen. At first glance, I’m going to call it good, but I look forward to Cliche List 2.0.

    • TheRealAaron

      To be sure, such cliches are not unjarring to the ears of grizzled veterans scarred by this little-noticed paradigm shift in writing. However, unlikely revolutionaries are now rising from obscurity to spark debate on whether such oft-cited lists of banned phrases are, in fact, a panacea.

      There, I said it.

    • Theodore Seeber

      That’s on the list:
      [Anything] 2.0 (or 3.0, or 4.0…)

  • John C

    “Eponymous” (My, aren’t we sophisticated). The Latin “pace” (So . . . . precious).

    • Mark Shea

      Both are Latin for “I speak Latin and you do not.”

  • Brian Q

    I’m happy to say I infrequently use any of those in my scientific writing although I have one colleague that I co-author with who loves the phrase “paradigm shift”….which unless you are actually talking about Kuhn is rarely applicable.

  • Claude

    To be sure cliches are a horrible and shaming problem, but I need them anyway to be impactful. (And needless to say, one cannot get a job at The New Republic without mastering the timely deployment of “to be sure.”) Pundits say that the most antagonistic pundits, in their uncomprehending skepticism of the viability of what they regard as a medieval flimflam factory, doubled down on their fevered speculation of who, after the outside-the-box resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, might emerge from the hastily convened conclave amid the shifting dynamics of the dizzying array of Cardinals at a crossroads, only one day to assimilate the election of a man none of them had mentioned, before pronouncing Francis an unlikely reformer and perhaps even a mighty coruscation (look it up) who may effect a paradigm shift from a gentle preference for the Extraordinary Form to a gentle preference for the Norvus Ordo. Be that as it may, as Francis dons the mantle of the Vicar of Christ, Catholicism’s enemies, in their omniscience, have amplified and exploited the narrative of a Church in crisis to avow its ignominious end in a Wagnerian inferno. Fear not, for I, Parcifal, am for the Pill.

  • Noah D

    What, no ‘grim milestone’?

  • Paul H

    I would add the phrase “speaks volumes” to the list. In my experience, this is one of the most overused phrases on the internet.

  • Sherry Weddell

    Yes but could you spend an entire day talking in nothing but cliches? It’s talk like MSM day!

  • sibyl

    I was sorry to see that “vast majority” didn’t make the list. I’d like to shoot that one and push it off a cliff.